Somatic Sexual Shamanism
Courses and 1-1 sessions for personal growth and facilitator training.
“Those who see the god in themselves
can help others remember
they are gods too.

There is no greater way
to heal the world."
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2 main themes:
Experiential practices of somatic sexuality & shamanic journeys of connection to source
Somatic Sexuality
What to expect:

* Body-based practices exploring all aspects of our sexual nature:
Trauma, shame, power, pleasure, etc.

* Common themes include:
Sexual dysfunction, sexual fantasies,
kink as a healing practice, sacred intimacy, etc.
Shamanism: connection to source
What to expect:

* Practices for connecting to oneness in the body.
* Development of shamanic skills and capabilities for healing and transformation
* Explores sexual energy as a force for connection to source
* Supporting the awakening of parts of the self that lie dormant and finding wholeness


Upcoming Courses
- 2/3 day intensive weekend workshops
- 7-day deep dive courses
- For personal growth or facilitator training
- Available online and in-person worldwide
Europe / Middle-East

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