Somatic Sexual Shamanism
Awakening the healing power of our sexual nature
Somatic Sexual Shamanism
Awakening the healing power of our sexual nature
Courses for Personal Growth and Facilitator Training
Somatic Therapy
teaches us that wholeness can be achieved by connecting to the body.
That the body holds endless resources for us to heal and grow.
Sexual energy is the most powerful energy available to us.
Our sexual nature is also a gateway to our greatest shame, shadows, and also power and gifts.

is a practice of energetic transmission.
It reminds us that the source of life and all of existence lies within us too.
It allows us to heal and grow as we awaken power and truth.

Upcoming Courses
Courses are an opportunity for deep work.
Learn new skills, heal old wounds, step into your gift as a facilitator.


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My journey started on a Greek island in 2010

A would-be romantic holiday turned into a violent break-up.
I'll be honest: we beat each other up. 

Like savage creatures in the night, he wanted to hurt me, and I him.

It became the most disturbing and eye-opening experience of my life.
I knew, then and there, I needed to walk away. 
I needed to take a good look at my life and the shadows that seemed to be gravely distorting my reality. 

Within minutes of parting ways , I found myself in a Oneness experience which I still can't fully describe in words. 
As I walked away from him on the beach, everything slowed down and I became paralysed, unable to move at all.
Sensations I had never before encountered flooded my body. The limits of my physical body began dissolving, and I found myself merging with everything around me: the sea, the sky, the dry rolling hills.

As I emerged from this experience and returned home, I knew my life had changed forever.

I found tantra.
I turned to Tantra for answers. I was keen to unearth the murkiness that was affecting my relationships.
I was quickly inspired to go deeper, and enrolled in a 1-year training in Berlin.
My motivation was simple: I wanted to find love. 

I ended up finding Oneness.

How I started


The practice of Orgasmic Shamanism emerged as a result of exploring Shamanism, somatic movement therapy and tantra.
It is also a Mystery school practice. Mainly attributed to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, the mystery scool is a gruelling and process of radical transformation.
It is based on awakening the true self by connecting with the greater realms of the unseen, the cosmos.

All the workshops, sessions, retreats, trainings all work within a 5-stage framework:

Stage 1- Discovery: The discovery that our body is our tool to access great transformation by connecting us to oneness.
Stage 2- Initiation: After this discovery, we then find ourselves able to face our demons, our shadow, every area of our life that is seeking resolution.
Stage 3- Awakening: This is the awakening of a higher power within. It also involves the realisation of the uniqueness of our essence.
Stage 4- Embodying: We then embody and harness this higher within ourself and feel its medicine.
Stage 5- Integration: We then embody and harness this higher within ourself and feel its medicine.