The principles & inspirations
behind this work

The 3 pillars of this work
This work arose from shamanism, somatic movement and tantra.

Shamanism is about ONENESS.
A shaman has the energetic capability to be one with everything in existence and work across many dimensions to support transformation in others.
Beyond words, actions, and traditional ceremonies: the process happens by energetic transmission, from being to being. Our universe is composed of two parts: the local (measurable and finite) and the non-local, (infinite and unmeasurable). While we tend to live in the local world, our limitless potential is awakened when we step into the non-local. Shamanism is the bridge between both, and our body becomes our temple for transformation.


Finding oneness in the body can help us achieve a unified consciousness. In somatic work, sequences of breath, sound, and spontaneous movement allow the body to expand beyond its limited patterns, to achieve oneness and give us access to more of our own potential. Primordial movements such as undulations, waves, pulses, and ripples appear, and we gain access to a more integrated way of being. As we dive deeper, we become more connected to everything in existence as well as to our source, which holds our highest essence. Spontaneous movement arises, and we find ourselves connecting to other dimensions, to Eros and the Orgasm field.


For thousands of years, various religions and spiritual philosophies have drawn a parallel between sexuality and spiritual growth. In French, the term “petite mort” (little death) is used to describe the orgasm because of its spiritual dimension. The orgasm is much more than a physiological manifestation. It is also an energetic occurrence that links us to our source, supporting our highest development.I call this source field The orgasm field. Eros is the manifestation of this energy into a form that can be used. We experience it in our bodies through involuntary sensations, movements, and pulses. By harnessing it, we can step into a more expanded way of living rooted in oneness.

An overview of my experience in this field

The below is an overview of how this work emerged from years of explorations with Tantra, Somatic movement, and shamanism. Orgasmic Shamanism has been a partner on my path, from near-bankruptcy and heavy debt to authentic abundance, deeper creativity, and connection.
I hope you enjoy reading it (and watching the videos) as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.



The 4 main steps on my journey

My journey began with a Soul Orgasm in 2010 on a Greek island.

In 2010, a painful break up led me to have my first oneness experience, which I have now learned to call it a “Soul orgasm.” I found myself feeling like my physical body was dissolving into the landscape around me. I knew that a whole new world was becoming available to me. I became interested in energy work and the work of multi-dimensionality.

I began exploring tantra and somatic movement in 2012

In 2012, I began to explore tantra and somatic movement practice. I enrolled in a one-year training in Berlin in an attempt to find resolution with regards to issues relating to relationships and sexuality and found that the potency of the impact expanded to every part of my life: Money, career, family life, health, etc. I was an interior designer at the time but knew that a significant change was coming. I became initiated to mystery school practices such as the deep dive, a process in which one spends days and nights in complete darkness, practicing sequences of breath sound and movement, a death/birth process which involves shedding layers of patterning, cultural conditioning and illusions, allowing us to expand into a life of greater potential.

Initiation into shamanism 2014

In 2014, I was visiting a temple in Thailand when a voice came to me (as if emerging from a buddha statue) telling me to go lie down to meditate for 30 minutes. I obeyed. For hours my body was being moved by spontaneous undulating and wave-like movements I could not control, and I was chanting in languages I could not recognise or understand. After hours of this mysterious process, I passed out and awoke to feel vulnerable like a newborn. I knew everything would be different from now on. My initiation to shamanism followed shortly in 2015 in the open fields of Mongolian. I began to travel the world, participating in ceremonies. I trained with Arizona-based sexual shaman Kenneth Ray Stubbs, with whom I co-created the Earth Energy Project.

Orgasmic shamanism

Over the years, the words “sex shaman” would resonate strongly, and I found myself benefiting immensely from practices that combined the shamanic intensity I had learned, the somatic processes I had been trained in, and the sexual conceptualisations which had emerged from my explorations. I found myself beginning to teach workshops on vortex energy, money, and sexuality. I began to coin the term “Orgasm field” to describe the field which exists in the non-local realm, which is the source of all.

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- 4.5 years training with Sexual shaman Kenneth Ray - Stubbs (Arizona)
- 8 years training in Somatic movement with Jane Okondo (London)
- 1-year training Authentic Eros with Kai Ehrhardt and Volker Moritz (Berlin)
- Reiki level 1 and 2 with Stephen Morallee (London)
- EFT and dowsing training with Carolyn Parker (San Francisco)
- Theta-healing training with Noam Paz (Tel Aviv)

Earth Energy project

One of my proudest achievements has been to co-create the Earth Energy Project with Kenneth Ray Stubbs. For years I traveled the world facilitating and supporting ceremonies, which helped support the energetic development of the Earth.
From Kilimanjaro to Istanbul, Athens to Sedona, I traveled some of the world’s most significant sacred sites, allowing me to download knowledge which I have used to develop my work today.

Invoke your higher purpose,
overcome your most tenacious challenges,
awaken the power to transform.