Power is the ability to connect to the mysterious force behind the creation of all of existence. 
It is the only true force; the one that powers tornados, that opens the petals of a flower, that wriggles our fingers and toes.

It effortlessly creates all life and is directly connected to our universal order.
To be empowered is to be connected to this force, and to allow ourselves to surrender to the “now” rather than control it; allowing these intelligent hands to do their work.
This force is within each of us.
It is the force of Eros, that turns each of us from a sperm and egg (that met in orgasm), to an embryo, to a fully-formed human being.

The ability to step into this power exists in our body.
By increasing our awareness of our subtle sensations, we become more sensitive to it. 
By using sound and breath we can dissolve density and dive below the patterns and stories that divide us from it.
As it awakens in our body, we can let it move us, breathe us, and express itself through us.

It inspires creativity, problem-solving and massive shifts in consciousness.
It guides us back to our most truthful impulses; we transform. 

Watch this week’s vlog post, a quick 7 min video in which I talk about this more.
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AWAKENING EROTIC POWER – with workshops and retreats: 

I would like to invite you on some sacred journeys with me in the coming months, honouring the traditions of shamanism, tantra, and the mystery schools of Ancient Greece, adapted to modern times.