An introduction to orgasmic shamanism.

Orgasmic shamanism is a mystery practice.
A process of self-discovery and personal transformation inspired by the legacy of ancient civilisations. 
At times it can be radical and gruelling, at other times it can be subtle and highly pleasurable.

It might throw us into a pitch-black room for days to experience a conceptual death, invite us to explore or re-enact our most shameful sexual fantasies, or simply call us to sit in complete stillness and observe the natural unfolding of life. 

Whether it leads to a rebirth, or a peak sexual or energetic experience, it is always about achieving oneness:

Oneness with ourselves, with others and with the entire universe.
Practices of somatic movement, energetic development and sacred intimacy allow us to connect to our source, the infinite void from which all life emerges.

It is a deep dive beyond the stories, narratives and belief patterns that limit us. 
From this place we connect to our true self and transform.

Upcoming Courses
- 2/3 day intensive weekend workshops
- 7-day deep dive courses
- For personal growth or facilitator training
- Available online and in-person worldwide
Europe / Middle-East