Awakening grounding and sensations
A somatic practice 

In this short video, I share some somatic therapy practice elements that are the most foundational to the work I do. 
They relate to grounding and increasing our awareness of sensations: two of the most important starting points for a healing journey.

1- Feeling sensations more deeply. 

As I feel my body’s sensations more fully, I get a stronger sense of who I truly am, of my truth. This allows me to gain an awareness of my internal navigation system, and to be more self-referential. When I can build my a stronger sense of intuition and inner-guidance, I release the grip of my co-dependant patterns with my surroundings. I can grow and thrive. 

2- Grounding
By grounding more deeply into the earth, I gain access to a greater sense of safety which becomes a resource for me. 
So much of our trauma, and distortions are an effect of us not feeling safe. 
Increasing this sense of safety is a primordial first step to a transformation process. 

3- Open space and spontaneity
Then most importantly is the open space.

I become deeply aware of what arises spontaneously in my body: ie: sensations, slight micro-movements, etc. 
This is where the deep truth of my essence starts to awaken. 


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