Hanging out in “The Field” 

I often talk about diving into “a space deep below”.

…Below the over-active mind,
…Beneath our stories, narratives, cultural conditioning, 

…Beyond our illusions and limited ideas of who we are.  

Science (via quantum physics) refers to this space as the “non-local”.

I call it “the field”.

It is a potent void where everything ends and everything begins. 

It is the land of total absence, beyond any ideas of time, space, good or bad.

Last week I wrote about this being a space from which visions and insights can arise. 

There is much more: 

In this space I connect to my truth,
I heal, I transform,
I release trauma and old wounds, 

and also I awaken my gifts and my power. 

In Rumi’s poem The Land of Absence, he says that when we reach this place, “existence itself won’t be able to look at you because the light of your greatness will blind its eyes.” 

In the practices I teach we access this space in the body, through subtle practices of breath, sound, movement and touch for extended periods of time.

As we hang out in the field, parts of ourselves dissolve and other parts take form. 
It is a process of death and birth.

Spontaneous movements will emerge in the form of ripples, waves, twists, turns. 

These are expressions of truth and power in my body which impact my consciousness.  

In this video (part 2 of 3) I filmed in California, I share and demonstrate how I experience spontaneous movement and the impact it has on me.  

My job as a facilitator is to hold spaces in which we can all hang out and access the field and experience this impact.

If you want to dive in, check out the upcoming events below: 

I hope to see you soon! 🙂 

Sending big love X

Marc x 

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