Instant gratification vs long-term satisfaction. 

On Friday I hosted a Zoom call and Q&A on radical sexual empowerment.

I spoke about sexual power, eros as a connector to source and also about some of the things that stand in the way of our sexual power.

These include sexual dysfunctions, body dysmorphia, addictions etc.

One participant asked the following question:

“How do I explore my relationship to the disconnect that relates to instant gratification?”

I love this topic.

So I decided to edit and share a short 5-min video of the response.

In short, this relates to the relationship between instant gratification and long-term satisfaction.

There is a direct correlation between the number of challenging circumstances we have experienced in our development stage and our tendency to lean towards instant gratification vs long-term satisfaction. 

Instant gratification relates to dopamine and the brain’s reward circuitry. It relates to seeking, wanting more and wanting a reward now.

This speediness relates to the rhythm of our culture which is affected by digital/social media and patriarchal ideals of efficiency.

So it is big and tenacious.

To shift it requires continuous, tenacious practices as well.

The best practices I know of are the ones that require us to engage with our bodies for long periods of time, with very little external stimulation.We are focused on the very subtle sensations which relate to the creation of life within us.

Have a look at this 5-min video above.
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