Part 1 - Holding space
The beginning
Sometimes simply holding space with presence for our partner is enough. 

After all, sex is an act of energetic merging that exists beyond our touch.
Sex can begin to happen simply as we focus intently on our partner. 

Sex is about presence.
Presence starts with being in my body, connected to my breath, my sensations.
Presence happens as I connect to my source, to the force of creation that exists within me.
Presence can also help me connect to this force.

I usher my awareness from my mind into my body with the sound of my voice and I invite my partner to do the same. 

We both meet in our sounds.

Our sounds unite us.

This is the beginning of us becoming ONE. 

Gentle touch in this stage is all that is needed.

The hands can stay still.
They barely need to move. 

They can touch the heart, the root, the crown of the head. 

This can evolve into more sexual interaction but doesn’t need to .