Power is a big topic. 

Especially when working with sexuality, even more, when working with facilitators, many of whom are working with sexuality.

For me, the theme of owning my power has been one I have struggled with for a long time.

In my business, I often feared being too much of a “boss” for fear of being a tyrant. As a result, I was continuously compromising and holding back, which made me feel victimised. My inner tyrant would then emerge erratically and uncontrollably as a reaction.

This distorted relationship with power showed up in many areas of my life through erectile dysfunction, an overly-sensitive penis, intense financial chaos, and a continued inability to find peace in my relationships.

Now, as a facilitator, teacher, and therapist, I encounter the same in sessions, workshops, and retreats, especially when working with facilitators. We commonly block our power out of fear, equating it to the transgressor, the abuser, or the perpetrator, especially if we have been victims of abuse ourselves. 

What would we do if we were to own our power?
Would we cause pain? Trespass boundaries? Lose control? 

Leaving these fears unexplored keeps us from being in our truth, owning our gifts, and experiencing life in its fullest and most authentic expression.

The journey begins with reclaiming the notion of power.
Perpetrating abuse is not power.

It is based in fear, distortion, and disconnection from the true self.

POWER lies in my ability to be connected to my deeper truth, in my ability to be with the flow of life, to meet any challenge that comes before me with grace, knowing it is exactly what is meant to be, to let go of the fight and surrender fully to the flow of life.

That is power.

When I am in my power, any conflict is merely coming to awaken a new part of myself; 
A financial struggle is an invitation to step into greater abundance; 
Sexual dysfunction is a pathway to finding more wholeness. 

You may remember a video I created a few months ago about power that defines this.
You can see it again here.

So how do we start awakening this new connection to power?

How do we integrate this fear? 

We need to recognise we are working with patterns, stories, and narratives that keep us in a limited expression of ourselves. The best way to address these is by dropping out of the mind into the body and sharpening our awareness of sensations,

And since our patterns have been perpetuated for an extended time, sometimes decades, their medicine must also be continuous. For me, subtle practices of spontaneous movement and energy work, especially pleasurable ones, allow me to sustain the work for more extended periods, allowing deep transmutation to take place. 

If this resonates with you, tons of offerings are available to dive deeper into these ideas in the coming months.

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