Dear facilitators, 
This is for you. 

A new 8-day training in Costa Rica. 
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One of my favourite parts of my job is working with people who are wanting to become facilitators, or facilitators who are wanting to develop new skills.

I love watching people discover themselves, their power and medicine, and I especially love watching them step up to share that medicine with others.

Especially when sex is involved. 
The idea of not only un-shaming our sexual acts but also unlocking their healing power rocks my world. 

For me becoming a space-holder is not about learning techniques but rather learning who we are.

We are
+ Innovators, transmitters,
+ medicine-holders,

We are
+ forces of nature. 

Our job is to remember that every part of ourselves is worthy of love, so we can remind others of that too.

Sex Shaman, Sacred prostitute 

An 8-day training for men (Cis and trans) in Costa Rica 
Unlocking the healing power of the sexual act.
17-24 March 2024

The Sex Shaman, sacred prostitute are two archetypes that are quite similar. 
Both awaken healing with the power of their presence, and of their sexual nature.
Both remind others that every part of them is worthy of love.

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Upcoming Courses
Courses are an opportunity for deep work.
Learn new skills, heal old wounds, step into your gift as a facilitator.