Our fantasies are not what we think…

What gets us hard and wet, can
show us our greatest creativity,

and also be a tool to 
help us heal and
become more whole.

Over the years I have seen fantasy-work be eye-opening, showing us new parts of ourselves and even healing shame and trauma patterns that are decades old.

Undoubtedly, the most popular fantasy I have worked with is the Daddy Fantasy.

The magic happens as we find out
What are we seeking from in this fantasy?
What are we nourishing from?
What do I need to be more whole? 

If I want to be…
tied up,
spat on…

Am I really looking for…
a sense of purpose?

The Erotic Son – Los Angeles
With guest teacher Will Tantra
04-05 November 

In this 2-day workshop we will be unpacking the “daddy fantasy”.  Through role play, emotional processing and self discovery. We will explore what we are really seeking to be more whole. 

Most importantly, we will awaken the power of the daddy within.

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