What is Eros? 

Generally, we have learned to relate Eros to sex and love, it is from which the Erotic arises,
Eros is mainly recognised the Greek God of  love, sensuality, passion, sex. 

In earlier greek mythology, however Eros was known as one of the primordial Gods.
The primordial Gods, are the ones who related to the coming into form of the formless, the creation of all life.

An easy way to grasp this concept is by visualising our universe in two parts, the local and the non-local.
According to quantum physics, the local refers to what we would consider our perceived reality.
Everything we can touch, see hear, measure exists in the local field. It is the realm in which everything solidifies into form.
The non-local refers to everything which is unseen; what cant be measures, touched, held, heard, sensed.

The non-local also holds the great mystery to all of existence.
It is where we find the unseen forces that rule all of creation; that powers tornados, that opens the petals of a flower, and that moves our fingers and toes.
It is the mysterious force that turns a seed into a plant, into a tree that will then drop a flower from which scents emanate for our enchantment, or fruits for our nourishment.
It is the same force behind an embryo forming after a sperm and an egg meet creating a single fertilised egg-cell that multiples and expands.

This force is within us, none of us is separate from it. 

Yet we have created a world run by principles in which we see ourselves as separate from it.
We have become like robots, moving in linear programmed and effortful ways, rather than being the fluid connected beings we truthfully are.

The process of creation, of the formless becoming form, involves the dissolving into chaos. 

A conceptual death of that which doesn’t serve us anymore, can make way for what is truly needed by us: our truth.

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