“Great spiritual teachers throughout the ages have stated that orgasm is the closest some people come to a spiritual experience because of the momentary loss of self.

Why is this true?

Because with spiritual sex, you move beyond orgasm into a connection with yourself, your partner, and the divine — recognizing them all as one.” 

Alexandra Katehakis


For that one short moment of orgasm, usually lasting 10-20 seconds, we no longer identify with our stories, our patterns and who we think we are.

We are not limited by memories of the past, nor by our expectations of the future.
We are one with the eternal now. 

It connects us into oneness with ourselves, with others and with all of existence.
It also allows us to access more energy than can ever be available to us otherwise.

The orgasm is an occurrence of eros which I define as the two-way process by which everything comes into form, emerging from the formless and then dissolving back into it. It is the process of creation of all life.

Exploring eros beyond our usual acts of sexuality is a way of connecting to the greater power that exists within us which is connected to everything.
It is the same that powers a tornado, that opens the petals of a flower or wriggles our fingers and toes.

Awakening this power beyond the confines of the 10-20 second occurrence, is possible. The process can be gruelling, indeed involving a loss of self; a death of who we think we are.

On the other side of it, however, causeless bliss awaits.

Check out this short video about Eros. And if you want to go further, have a look at my upcoming retreats, The Medicine of Eros, happening in Costa Rica and Spain in April and June.

Hope to see you there!

Sending big love!

Marc x

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