The Medicine of Shamanism

The word Shaman comes from the Tungusic word šamán, possibly from Eastern Siberia, which means “the one who knows.”

The knowingness we refer to here is not one of traditional knowledge, information or wisdom, but rather a knowing of oneness and the non-local.

The non-local is defined by quantum physics as the part of our universe which can’t be touched, measured, understood.

It holds the force behind the creation of the of all of existence as well as the blueprint of everything that can be touched, felt and measured.

As everything exists in the non-local in some way, each human does as well. But as the shaman has spent a lot of time engaging with it, through ceremony, practice and receiving teachings, they will have developed a knowingness of it that allows them to enable change there.

Enabling change in this way allows for transformation to take place in a way that can then be perceived by the senses. 

The shaman doesn’t heal others but rather holds space for healing to take place. They teach by transmission.

As they have achieved a certain ability to embody wholeness, they can support others in achieving a similar knowingness as well. The healing happens from within. 

Check out this video that shares more about shamanism.

And if this resonates, check out the Medicine of Eros courses happening in Costa Rica and Spain in April and June. 

Together we will be exploring shamanism along with somatic therapy and sacred sexuality. 

Upcoming Courses
Practices of embodied experiential sexology
& shamanic journeys of connection to source
2 types of courses:
Somatic Sexuality
*Somatic refers to the soma, ie the "living body", a body which is inhabited.
It relates to our ability to experience everything in existence in the felt sense of our body:
From the challenges and disruptions that disregulate us, to the resources that support our healing.
The Mystery School
*Mystery refers to the mystery behind all of existence.
It is a process of initiation that connects us to the source of existence that exists within us.
Through a process of rebirth it connects us to the flow of life.