The Teachings Come
No one can teach us sensuality. 
It is innate within each of us and is unveiled as we get intimate with ourselves. 
No one can teach us the wisdom we will share with others.
It is unique to each of us and it will find us when it’s time. 
No one can teach us abundance. 
We will learn it by experiencing deep loss. 
No one can teach you how to love and be loved.
Because intrinsically we are love. 
For years, I had amazing teachers in various modalities but the real teachings found me in the most unlikely moments and ways. 
They emerged when I was ready to receive them and often in ways that my mind couldn’t comprehend. 
This video which is part 3 of 4-part Sacred Orgies series, is an artistic depiction of an experience that happened to me in Thailand. 
After years of experiencing workshops, courses and trainings, one day, in Bangkok the teachings simply found me in the strangest way.  
My job as a facilitator is not to teach anyone anything, but rather hold potent spaces in which truth can be awakened and the teachings can find us. 
These are spaces in which we realize ourselves.
We become the innovators, transmitters, transformers and medicine holders we naturally are. 
I hope you enjoy this video. 
You’ll find the first part is quite abstract and the second part is more explanatory.  🙂 
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