We heal by transmission.

The absolute best piece of information I ever learned about trauma-healing in the 13 years I have be involved in this work can be summarised in under 10 seconds:  

Our ability to support others in healing their trauma 100% depends on our relationship to our own trauma.

This is because real healing happens by transmission.

Transmission is a communication between two systems (like a human being for instance….) that is beyond the understanding of the mind.

In the realm of sacred intimacy, I often talk about the archetypes of the Sex Shaman, and Sacred Protitute who both heal by transmission.

I have included a short video (under 4 min) that talks about this.
And maybe this kind of thing is too woo-woo for you. I get it.

But beyond anything shamanic or energetic, this is actually also based in human neurobiology.
Our nervous systems have mirror-neurone which share information about our inner state with others.
Through a process of *entrainment, our inner states will then adapt to each other.
Therefore if I am feeling safe, regulated, and resourced, others can naturally feel this way as well.


The Sacred Intimate

This is one of the key principles of our work as Sacred Intimates.
What helps a client heal is not what happens in the 60 or 90 minutes we spend together but rather the decades of personal work we have done previously which they get access to in that moment, simply by feeling our presence and transmission.

This is energy merging, one of the pillars of the teachings I will offer in the October 7-day Sacred Intimacy course called Sex Shaman, Sacred Prostitute, happening in Spain.

You can have a look at the info for this below.

Or view this short 4 min video to better understand what I mean by transmission and energy merging.

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