What are we healing? 

I always talk about the healing power of sex.
But what exactly are we healing? 

Very often, we are talking about trauma. 

I see trauma as a disconnection from the self, that results from having faced circumstances that we didn’t have the resources for at the time.
Whatever we experienced was simply “too much”.

As a result, a self-defence process begins that might be trapped in the body and looking to complete. 

These past experiences will often show up in our sexuality seeking attention. 
They can show up as erectile dysfunction, or pre-mature ejaculation. We might want to be tied up, or to tie up another person. We might want aggression, or to be aggressive to another. 
We might simply want to be held. 

Part of the practice of Sacred Intimacy is knowing that this completion can happen through the sexual act. 

I edited a 5-min video about this below. 
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