Your Erotic essence intensive



A 60-minute intensive workshop.
Learn to awaken your highest gifts with the power of Eros.

Everything in nature and in the universe has a gift; a purpose, something deeply impactful and unique that is meant to be shared with the world.
We humans are no exception to the rule.
Yet as a society the models we have created often inhibit these effortless gifts from fully emerging.

This 60-min intensive session offers us a starting point to beginning this journey to the awakening of our truth, and understanding the role that eros and sexuality have to play in it.
The teachings begin with reclaiming eros, realising that it expands well beyond sexuality and actually involves the creation of everything.
A rich process of self inquiry ensues, with some questions that can lead us to a new cognitive understanding of our selves.
We then dive into our bodies with somatic and erotic practices allowing us to truly feel and embody the power of our gift as it awakens.

The process is composed of 3 parts:
- the discovery of the unique flavour of our gift,
- the embodying of it
- its effortless sharing with the world.

This session offers us a distilled overview of a process which normally happens in 16 weeks.
It is inspired by the work of one of my main teachers Cass Phelps, creator of the Gift process, offering us an adapted, highly energetic and erotic version of his potent work.

Awakening the realisation of our highest gifts in our body, our eros and our energy field awakens more of the effortless truth of who we are.
It is like magic, we become magnetic.



60 min

Personal growth, Self-pleasuring

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