Continuing the exploration with spiral movements

2 videos
1- An intro (14 min)
2- A guided practice (40 min)


In previous classes we have learned somatic and erotic practices in which we play with movement that shift us from our habitual movement patterns.
This include waves, undulations, spirals, that emerge either in the spine, the limbs or in the pelvic area.
This is important because the patterns in our body are directly related to the patterns of our limited self (which is limited by our patterns, stories and narratives).
In the journey to awaken our power, our medicine, it can be very supportive to invite the body to move in ways that differ from these patterns.
A connection to a more primordial part of our self, to our essence and our medicine, can take place.


The practice taught in this class will, similarly to previous ones, include a play with breath, sound, movement and touch.
It will build on our previous play with spirals to offer alternative ways to play with movement.

The more time we spend in these spaces of more primordial movement, the more time we are spending in a space which is beyond our limitations. The power and medicine which has been inhibited can begin to be felt and awakened.

1- Lecture (14 min) 

2- Guided practice (40 min)