Fundamentals of the energetic orgasm

I talk about orgasms so much that sometimes I forget that not everyone will be familiar with the terms that I’m using. In this blog post, I wanted to spend some time on these fundamental principles – the fundamentals of orgasms.

If you want to re-cap on where orgasmic shamanism originated from, or what’s all about, check out this blog post. Otherwise, let’s dive right in.

What energy are we unlocking through an orgasm?

The text-book way that we learn about orgasms focuses on the physiological understanding of the orgasm. There’s arousal, stimulation, and ejaculation, and the orgasm is effectively the trigger that delivers the money-shot of ejaculation.

What the text-books don’t talk about is that beyond the physiological or functional aspect of the orgasm, there’s also something else going on. In orgasmic shamanism, we describe this as the energetic aspect.

One of the key figures in the practice of orgasmic shamanism is Kenneth Ray Stubbs – I studied with him in Arizona. He describes the orgasm as an energetic occurence that allows people to manifest more elemental energy.

That might sound a bit esoteric, but elemental energy refers to those forces that we know are there but that we can’t physically see or touch. This is perhaps easiest to understand when we look at the natural world – everything on this planet has a physical form, but in order for the natural world to exist harmoniously and effortlessly there has to be more at work than just survival of the fittest. In the practice of orgasmic shamanism, we describe this “something more” as elemental energy. Elemental energy is a powerful force – it’s intrinsic to our functioning and the functioning of everything on this planet.

The energetic orgasm

As we develop a deeper understanding of our orgasms – and the two aspects, the physiological and the energetic – we can appreciate that you can’t have a physiological orgasm without an energetic orgasms, but you can have an energetic orgasm without a physiological orgasm.

What I mean by that is that when we have a physiological orgasm – arousal, stimulation, ejaculation – then the energetic aspect of that orgasm happens automatically. But through the practice of orgasmic shamanism, we can learn how to tap into that energetic aspect of the orgasm without having to rely on the arousal, stimulation, and ejaculation – that’s when we can start to unlock our potential.

When we have an energetic orgasm, three things happen – we connect with elemental energy frequencies, we become one with everything in existence, and we function in other dimensions. Functioning in other dimensions might sound a bit science-fiction, but it’s about engaging with those elemental energy frequencies – elemental energy exists in a dimension beyond our physical dimension.

These concepts aren’t new. Ancient civilisations all used sexual energy in their spiritual practice – the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks, the Mayan people, and the Aztec civilisation are all examples of how shamans used sex to unlock and engage with these energetic forces.

The healing powers of the orgasm

We all know that there’s more to sex than just reproduction. In orgasmic shamanism, we assign four main drivers of sexual activity – for procreation, for love, for pleasure, and for healing and and growth.

The French describe the orgasm as the little death, but in orgasmic shamanism we focus on the rebirth aspect of the orgasm. Tapping into that elemental energy, unlocking the transformative powers of that energy, using the orgasm as a gateway to our own personal growth and development.

The average man spends an average time of about 10 seconds in each orgasm. That’s our reality. Most of us learn about orgasms when we’re growing up – as young boys we learn to masturbate quickly, to get the job done before someone catches us and embarrasses us. We grow up associating our orgasm with feelings of shame.

Orgasmic shamanism is about letting go of that shame. Once we can unlearn some of those patterns of behaviour that we’ve been holding onto, we can really connect with the energy that our orgasms can release, and we can start to explore the potential that becomes available to us.

How do we connect with the energetic aspect of our orgasm?

This is where we get to the contractile phase that I mentioned at the beginning of this blog.

One of the first steps in orgasmic shamanism is to become really aware of what our body is doing as we practice self-pleasure and we experience the orgasm. It’s easiest to do this when you’re masturbating, so that you can really focus on the sensations of your body.

Right before we ejaculate, our pelvic floor muscles start to contract. This is one of those involuntary functions of the body – when you’re ready to orgasm, your body knows what to do. It’s at this point – when your pelvic floor muscles start to contract and your body is getting ready to push past the point of no return and ejaculate – this is what we describe as the contractile phase.

The techniques that we learn in orgasmic shamanism help us to recognise the contractile phase of the orgasm, but also help us to pull back from the brink of ejaculation and stay in that contractile phase longer. This is the point where we can really feel and connect with the elemental energy that our orgasm makes available to us.

This is challenging to do. It takes time and practice, but it’s worth the effort. It’s a bit like edging but it’s much more aware and conscious than just having an extended jack-off session.

There’s two main techniques that we use to navigate the contractile phase and unlock the energy of our orgasm. Breathing techniques are really important – there’s a range of different breathing patterns that we can explore with orgasmic shamanism. We also use muscle control – focusing on the PC muscles. These are the muscles that start at your pubic bone and connect through the coccyx – learning how to contract and control these muscles in an important part really engaging with your orgasm.

Orgasms are a lot of fun – make sure yours are lasting more than 10 seconds!