The Energy Being
A Mystery School level 1 course
A 3-month, 1-1 individual mentoring course
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All sessions must be completed within a 3-month period
All sessions must be completed by 21 December 2024 in order to access the text level 2 course.
* 5 x 90 min individual sessions
* 5 x 60 min individual sessions
* 1 x 24-hour deep dive
* Home study materials (at own pace)
90-min sessions
What happens in a typical 90-min session?
The 60 min sessions are considered "Wisdom & Consciousness" sessions.

- You will learn theoretical concepts about shamanism and the mystery schools practices
- You will learn how to apply these practices and concepts to your every day life, to support your process of healing and personal growth
- You will learn ways to apply these practices and concepts to support the process of others as a facilitator
- You will be guided on your own individual research on this topic

60-min sessions
What happens in a typical 60-min session?
The 60 min sessions are considered "Intensity" sessions.
They will be focused on deepening your energetic development.

- You will experience an energetic/shamanic attunement in each session.
- You will experience the development of an energetic structure called the Source Point, by which you can connect to source in the body.
- There will be a short amount of time for checking in in each session.
deep dive session
What happens in a 24-hour deep dive session?
A deep dive is an intensive process designed to support a greater and deeper development.
We use somatic and shamanic practices for an extended period of time to reach a deeper and more truthful state.

A 24-hour dives, we will be in a non-verbal dive process for a period of 24 hours.

The longer period allows us to drop deeper into truth and experience a greater leap in our development.
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