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A 45-minute guided self-pleasuring class.
Awaken the transformative power of your orgasms.

January 2 @ 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

Start time: 8pm London / 9pm Paris / 12pm Los Angeles / 3pm NYC


How do we harness the power of our orgasms to grow and transform?

How do we get more pleasure from our orgasms? 

How can we achieve our highest orgasmic potential?

As humans we have greatly under-estimated the Orgasm.
As well as being a physical occurrence (characterised by ejaculation, pelvic floor contractions, heart palpitations) it is also a powerful energetic occurrence.
In fact, the energy of the orgasm is the most transformative we can have access to as humans, yet the average male spends 10 seconds engaged with its energy.

For centuries, various traditions have taught practices, such as the “big draw” which teach us how to achieve longer, multiple orgasms so we can engage more fully with this energy.

In this intensive and explosive 45-minute workshop, Orgasmic shaman Marc Peridis guides us into a practice which can help us turn up the volume on our orgasms. 

This monthly recurring workshop will offer a set of tools and techniques to not only increase the pleasure of our orgasms, but turn our self-pleasuring and sex into our highest spiritual practice.


The 45-min erotic group process will begin with a short demonstration followed by a 35 min guided practice of sound, breath, movement, to help you dive inwards and harness the transformative power of our orgasms.


  • No previous experience of tantra or the big draw is necessary.
  • I highly recommend completing an Orgasmic Shamanism introduction workshop as well as this one, simply to get a better grasp of the theory behind the practice. You can watch the recording here: www.orgasmicshaman.com/freevideoswatch


Based in a small coastal town outside of Barcelona, Marc is a Canadian-born facilitator who has been working with tantra and spirituality since 2010.He spends most of his time teaching his own practice, Orgasmic Shamanism, which uses energy work and spontaneous movement to harness the energy of the orgasm for spiritual growth and personal transformation. His approach is often considered radical and his passion lies in transmuting our deepest and most shameful shadows into our highest and most transformative power. Read More