A 5-week online course

A journey of transformation, oneness, truth and Eros.


Starts Thursday 03 February 2022 

For 5 consecutive Thursdays at the following time: 
UK 8pm / CET 9pm / NYC 3pm / LA 12 noon 




Eros is the internal lovemaking that takes me back to the wholeness that I am.
It is the process by which everything is created and comes into form,
And also from which it dissolves into void.
This exploration of Eros will be a deep inquiry answering the questions “who I am when I am in my truth?
“how can I express my essence in this world more truthfully.” 


In this 5-week series,  we will

  • Gather as brothers, to explore the depths of our beings: our shadows, our gifts and our abilities to transform
  • Share from the heart and explore the areas of our lives that challenge us, that seek resolution
  • Explore the realms of transformation, oneness, truth and eros- by diving into our bodies.
  • Discover, awaken and harness the true power of our orgasms.


We will learn to awaken our internal medicine by: 

  • Diving into somatic therapy practices of breath, sound movement and touch.
  • Experiencing  powerful shamanic energetic transmissions
  • Engaging sexual energy 


Session info

The series will be composed of 5 sessions held on consecutive Thursdays.


  • Session 1-
    The process begins by acknowledging the medicinal nature of our body; a tool for transformation and growth.
  • Session 2-
    We will then explore our shadows, the areas of our lives that are seeking awareness and attention.
  • Session 3-
    We will then awaken a greater potency within us, by acknowledging our truth, and the power that lies within.
  • Session 4-
    We will then linger with that energy, receiving it deeply as an energy for ourselves.
  • Session 5-
    We will close the series by integrating this newly awakened medicine in every aspect of our life.

Each session will last 2 hours and will include the following:


  • A short lecture and intro on the topic of the week
  • A sharing space, to process whatever is needing our awareness
  • A deep dive- a guided, erotic process of energy work and somatic movement
  • A closing space to share final Q&A’s.


This course can be taken on it’s own, or as a preparation for the Mystery school 9-month program which begins in March 2022
Click here for more info: https://orgasmicshaman.com/mystery-school-2022/



£120 /  early bird before 11 January
£150 regular from 12 January onwards