Fear, anxiety and our erotic intelligence.

It feels so important to talk about fear and anxiety right now, as so many of us are experiencing in our current context.

Where does fear come from?

How can we build up the erotic intelligence which is needed to better engage with it?

You might be surprised to learn that fear actually exists in our system before we are even born.

The fear paralysis reflex is actually the first reflex we experience as a fetus and it is meant to be a protective mechanism to ensure we can survive an attack on our mother if one were to happen.

The tricky part is that it is meant to integrate into the Moro reflex, our second reflex, but for many of us, that does not happen. 

As we continue to experience fear without properly processing it, it can become prohibitive, affecting our ability to live our life to its highest potential. Our ability to take risks, to explore and discover the world, to be more creative, and to live to our fullest expression.

Now, the problem isn’t the fear or the anxiety itself, but ratherour willingness to let it run the show

Continuous fear and anxiety will often be the result of certain parts of the brain not being properly integrated, ie not functioning in a harmonious way, often due to trauma in the system. 

As humans, we have a huge amount of inner intelligence which can allow us to remedy this and reconnect to our fullest potential. 

The answer is in our nervous system, which is the link between our brain and our body.

Notice what happens to your body when you feel fear: Stomach turns, heart pounds, limbs get paralysed, your back gets tense, etc… 

By using certain specific somatic bodywork and shamanic energy work practices we can awaken our inner resources to rewire our brain and awaken higher consciousness. 

One of the answers lies in the Stephen Porges polyvagal theory which explores the use of the Social engagement nervous system as a catalyst for transformation.

Another big answer lies in the orgasm. (YIPPEE!)  

Yes.. studies have shown that while we have an orgasm our brain functions in a more integrated and harmonious way, and that continued connection to orgasmic energy, harnessed in the right way, can help us resolve trauma. 

A quick and easy way to begin this process instantly is by bringing your awareness on your exhales by letting out a big sound like an ahhhhhhhhhhhh and focusing on the vibration of that sound in your body as you exhale deeply out. 

Let’s do it together right now, shall we? 


Simple enough right? 

To take it even further you can also bring a hand to your genitals, even through clothes, and let the sound begin to vibrate and awaken your sexual centers. 

So, that was the first simple step to begin repatterning our system. 

In the workshop I will be teaching this Thursday, we will spend 2h30min in a sacred and safe container, as a group of brothers, diving into fear, anxiety. 

Our exploration will include shamanic energy transmission, somatic bodywork, and also eros and the orgasm (through self-pleasuring) for us to dive deep below the narrative of the brain and awaken the deep intelligence of our body and our erotic field. 🙂

If you want to know more, see below: 

Take the exploration further.

If this resonates with you and you want to take this exploration further, I am kicking off a new workshop series this Thursday called Your Erotic Abundance.

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1-1 Sessions

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