How do we awaken our orgasmic potential?

How do we awaken our orgasmic potential? I use these words a lot, and people generally think that I’m talking about having better orgasms. Yes, that’s part of it, but the most interesting part is that spending more time in orgasms can help us awaken our limitless potential as human beings. That’s what really excites me.

I describe the workshops that I lead and the sessions that I facilitate as Orgasmic Shamanism – it’s all about sacred sexuality and tapping into our sexual energy.

It’s not a new concept, but much of my work revolves around perceiving the orgasm as a shamanic act.

What this means is that when you’re having an orgasm, you have access to the highest energy available – you’re connecting with a universe that’s beyond your physical body, your physical self.

The challenge with an orgasm is that it’s generally fairly limited. You’re aroused, you orgasm – you feel the physical impact of it – you ejaculate, and it’s over.

When we talk about unlocking your orgasmic potential, this is what we’re getting at – how do we tap into that higher energy that we can experience during an orgasm, how do we spend longer in that energetic space.

Is orgasmic shamanism the same as tantra?

It’s similar, but different. Generally speaking, tantra is about harnessing your sexual energy and using it for a specific intent. The work that we’re doing around orgasmic potential is about awakening that sexual energy, filling ourselves with that sexual energy, and allowing that energy to shape our personal transformation.

Who came up with orgasmic shamanism?

These principles can be traced back to the ancient civilisations of our past.

What we know about life in Ancient Egypt, the Maya people, and the Inca empire is that gatherings of teachers, shamans, and initiates were known as mystery schools.

At these mystery school gatherings, the shamans would use ceremonies, meditation, and sexual energy to connect to the cosmic realm and their highest potential.

I’ve been on my personal journey of transformation since about 2010 – triggered by a very difficult breakup. I’ve studied with tantra practitioners and shamans all over the world, but it was while I was working with Kenneth Ray Stubbs in Arizona in 2015 that I started to really understand orgasmic energy and began to focus my work on orgasmic shamanism.

Shamanism is about having the ability to be at one with the entire universe. Sexuality is a big part of unlocking that ability – it’s through sexuality that we can find oneness.

One of the tools that we use in orgasmic shamanism is somatic movement – using breath, sound, movement, and touch. The practice of somatic movement enables us to unravel the limitations that we’ve created for ourselves, and to step into our unlimited potential.

Orgasmic shamanism is fun – we’re making strange sounds and weird movements. We’re unravelling our limitations, we’re breaking patterns of behaviour.

How do we unlock our orgasmic potential?

What we’re looking for with this work is to tap into that higher energy that we can experience during an orgasm – figuring out how we can spend longer in that energetic space, that space where we can connect with oneness.

We use the practice of somatic movement – specific sequences of breath, sound, movement, and touch. It’s intensely erotic.

The sexual energy is an act of awakening and harnessing our energy and our connection to oneness. You can find yourself in this kind of place and in this kind of deeply erotic experience.

One way to think about it is that orgasmic shamanism is helping you to tune into the higher energetic space, the orgasmic field – it’s kind of like joining a massive orgy in which we’re all connecting with each other.

Unlocking your orgasmic potential isn’t something that you achieve or complete and then move on from. It’s a completely different way of living – a more connected way of looking at the world.

For me, exploring my orgasmic potential is a journey that is constantly evolving and unfolding. It’s helping me to live my best life, every day.