The Medicine of Sex
San Francisco, 01-02-03 Nov 2024
- An intensive weekend workshop for men (cis and trans)
- A deep dive exploring the healing power of kink, desires, fantasies & taboo.
How to register
Every act of sexuality is an act of seeking wholeness.
To be whole is to heal.
This weekend intensive workshop is:
- a process of self-discovery, healing and personal growth.
- an experiential exploration of our sexual nature:
our desires, fantasies, kinks, power, shame and pleasure.
There will be:
- Individual somatic practices of self-discovery
- Skills-based foundational classes on flogging, rope-play, domination / submission, verbal play.
- Theoretical lectures on the relationship between sexual play, healing, trauma, etc.
- Group and partner play in which we will enact various fantasy scenes in a safe and intentional way.
- Sharing circles for emotional processing
Our sexuality does not operate in isolation.
It affects every part of our life and is affected by every part of our life too. 

What gets us hard, turns us on, shows us what is needed by us to be whole. 

To be whole is to heal.
Enacting our fantasies can be a nourishing and healing process. It can allow us to:
- heal old wounds which have manifested in our sexual nature
- reclaim or re-narrate old stories,
- shed light on parts of our lives that are in the shadows
- experience a healthy relationship with aggression and pain
Watch a 5min video

Who is it for?
✔ Men (cis and trans) of any age, body-type, racial background.
✔ All levels from beginner to facilitators
✔ You need to be comfortable with voicing your boundaries, respecting those of others.
✔ You need to be comfortable with being partnered with people you may not have chosen yourself.
✔ You need to be comfortable in a space in which people might be sharing things that are uncomfortable for you.
✔ Great for facilitators who want to add new skills to their practice

What this is NOT
✗ A play party
✗A space to learn about intimacy and sexuality practices with other men.
✗A space to exchange massages and or learn massage techniques.
PS: There is nothing wrong with any of these above activities! Just know that these above expectations will be unmet by this workshop. 😉
Consent & Boundaries

This will be a sex-positive space in which we will be able to explore our desires and also our boundaries.
Everyone will be responsible for their own body and will let others be responsible for theirs as well.
We will also be responsible for hearing and respecting other people's yeses and noes.
Rules on consent and boundaries will also apply to sharing spaces where everyone will be invited to speak only from their own experience and not that of others.
Everything that happens in this space and that is shared in the sharing spaces will be held sacred and confidential.

It is my intention for us to co-create a safe space.

If you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID prior to the course we will ask you to let us know and also present a negative test result prior to joining.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID prior to the start of the course, we will kindly ask you to test before joining.

With regards to STI'S we will ask everyone to take care of themselves as they would out in the world.
About your facilitator
About your facilitator
Marc Peridis
Marc is a somatic therapist and shamanic practitioner specialised in the Medicine of eros, healing practices related to eros and sexuality. 

His work has two main focuses:
1- Supporting the transmutation of shame, trauma and shadow to power, purpose and mastery.
2- As a teacher's teacher, he trains facilitators, therapists and teachers by supporting their development of new abilities. 

His practices combine talk therapy, with experiential processes involving the soma (the body), energy transmission and sexual explorations.

After spending over a decade training in somatic movement therapy, energy work and sacred sexuality, his own practice emerged as a result of his years spent observing behavioural responses in 1-1 and group therapy sessions worldwide.

As well as being a trained somatic movement therapist, he has also been initiated into shamanism in 2015 and in the Mystery School as a student in 2013 and a guide in 2018.

He also teaches at the Shakti Shiva Academy based in South Africa, since 2021. 

While his process and practice are open to people of all levels of experience, he tends to work mostly with advanced practitioners, people who are keen to become facilitators, and facilitators wishing to develop new skills. 

How to register
Friday 01 Nov

- 6pm Arrival - Opening circle / introductions
- 7pm Consent, boundaries and safety
- 8pm Individual somatic practice / finding safety in the body
- 9pm Partner practice
- 10 pm End of day

Saturday 02 Nov

- 10am: Arrival - Theoretical lecture
- 11 am: Foundations of flogging, skills and partner work
- 1 pm: Lunch
- 2pm: Setting up a scene
- 3pm: Scenes, fantasies and role play group work
- 6pm: End of day

Sunday 03 Nov

- 10am: Arrival - Theoretical lecture
- 11 am: Foundations of rope play, skills and partner work
- 1 pm: Lunch
- 2pm: Scenes, fantasies and role play group work
- 5pm: Integration and closing circle
- 6pm: End of day
Course Details
The workshop will take place in San Francisco
The full address will be provided upon booking

Date / Time :
- Friday 01 November: 6-10pm
- Saturday 02 November: 10-6pm
- Sunday 03 November: 10-6pm

This is an all-levels workshop
Course cost
Solidarity* spaces
*Must be able to demonstrate that:
- they are living on limited/insufficient income
- participating to this course will yield a greater impact on a greater community of people.
(first 6 participants)
(everyone else)
*Those with more available financial means who want to support the participation of a solidarity participant.