The Mystery School of
Somatic Sexual Shamanism
- A multi-level programme
- An intensive shamanic / somatic programme for healing and personal growth.
- A mentoring programme for facilitators and advanced practitioners
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The Mystery School is:
* An online group mentoring course

* A potent container for a small group of advanced-level participants.

* It is a process of energetic development, and development of shamanic abilities.

It is based in the teachings of the Mystery School and of classical tantra.

* It teaches somatic / energy work techniques that support the development of new skills and abilities for facilitation and space-holding.
A process of initiation and rites of passage that leads us to living in continuous engagement with Source.
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The mystery refers to the mystery behind all of existence, the force that is behind all of creation.

The mystery school is a process of self-actualisation, self-discovery and personal growth that is based in the realm of the unseen.

It teaches us about our connection to source. 

It teaches us by transmission ;
*Transmission is a communication between two systems (for instance humans) that doesn’t make sense to the mind but that yields an impact. 

It is beyond dogma, religion and lineage. 
it is intrinsic to humanity and has existed at various points across time and in various parts of the world. 
It is mostly attributed to Ancient Greece and Egypt, where Mystery School gatherings would take place at sacred temple sites. 
The practices were known as the highest spiritual practices for those civilisations.

There are no teachers in the mystery schools, but rather shamans and guides who create a sacred space for the knowledge and teachings to awaken within the initiates.

A person who is connected to the mystery school can be fully engaged in the world, living in the here and now, fully present, while fully connected to a power that is greater than any circumstance they might face. 

As a result they find themselves to be deeply resourced; 
they become medicine holders.
They heal by transmission, simply by the power of their presence.

It is everything,
It is nothing.

It is the formless,
behind all form.

It is the root of everything,
and also its end.

It is where everything is born, 

and also where it dies.

It is for the chosen few

and for the benefit of all. 

It explores division, 

as a journey to oneness.

It sees illusion,

as the way back to truth. 

It is the unknown,
that is the all-knowing.

Who is it for?
This course will mostly be of interest to:

Advanced practitioners who want to deepen their connection to source.
Advanced practitioners who want to become facilitators
Facilitators who want to develop new skills, especially: 
Sacred intimates, somatic practitioners, sex coaches, life coaches, psychotherapists, breathworkers, etc.
Practioners who are already experienced in somatic practice and would like to experience it from a more non-local perspective.
Course programme
3 levels
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

The Healing Darkness can also be taught as an individual course.

About your facilitator
About your facilitator
Marc Peridis
Marc is a somatic therapist and shamanic practitioner specialised in the Medicine of eros, healing practices related to eros and sexuality. 

His work has two main focuses:
1- Supporting the transmutation of shame, trauma and shadow to power, purpose and mastery.
2- As a teacher's teacher, he trains facilitators, therapists and teachers by supporting their development of new abilities. 

His practices combine talk therapy, with experiential processes involving the soma (the body), energy transmission and sexual explorations.

After spending over a decade training in somatic movement therapy, energy work and sacred sexuality, his own practice emerged as a result of his years spent observing behavioural responses in 1-1 and group therapy sessions worldwide.

As well as being a trained somatic movement therapist, he has also been initiated into shamanism in 2015 and in the Mystery School as a student in 2013 and a guide in 2018.

He also teaches at the Shakti Shiva Academy based in South Africa, since 2021. 

While his process and practice are open to people of all levels of experience, he tends to work mostly with advanced practitioners, people who are keen to become facilitators, and facilitators wishing to develop new skills. 

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“Those who see the god in themselves
can help others remember
they are gods too.

There is no greater way
to heal the world."