The Mystery School
Level 2
A 9-month / 162-hour
live online group mentoring training
An intensive shamanic / somatic journey of healing and personal growth.
A facilitator mentoring programme
A 9-months / 162 hours
Taught live online
The Mystery School is:
- an online group mentoring course
- a potent container for a small group of advanced-level participants.

- a process of energetic development, and development of shamanic abilities.
It is based in the teachings of the Mystery School and of classical tantra.
- Its teachings are based in somatic therapy, shamanism and sacred intimacy.
- It teaches techniques that support the development of new skills and abilities for facilitation and space-holding.
Who is it for?
We are forces of nature; 

We are innovators, transformers, transmitters ,
We are medicine holders.
Advanced practitioners who want to deepen their connection to source. 
Participants who have an understanding of somatic therapy and want to explore a more *non-local perspective of it.
Advanced facilitators who want to become facilitators
Facilitators who want to develop new skills, especially: 
Sacred intimates, somatic practitioners, sex coaches, life coaches, psychotherapists, breathworkers, etc.
What you'll learn
Course programme
The course teachings will be based in the Mystery Schooladapted to our current-day context.

Part of it will have a form and framework, teaching elements of Mythology, universal law, facilitation techniques etc. .

Part of the teachings will arise as a response to the groups inquiry.
You will learn: 

- Somatic therapy techniques to help awaken a connection to source through the body
- Practices to help awaken the natural production of *DMT through the pineal gland
- *DMT is a neurocompound that helps support the process of neuroplasticity which eventually can lead to a process of ego death 

- Energy merging: a healing modality which is based in energy transmission: A practice of focused presence, intentionality, and a sharing of energy. 

- Deep dive: a practice of continuous connection to source to dissolve patterns and connect to more truth
- Theoretical teachings related to the universal order, the mystery school, space-holding etc.
- You will learn dowsing as a technique for sharpening intuition.
At the centre of the teachings of the mystery school is the concept of death birth, which we will learn to experience conceptually, theoretically and experientially.

You will be invited to dive deep into their own personal process; the exploration of you darkest shadows and greatest power.

You will be invited to explore the completion stage of trauma and other patterns which may have existed for decades or more.
Most importantly, the mystery school mentoring programme will be a tightly-knit container in which you will be held for a mastery to awaken within you. 

It is not restricted to the gatherings and classes, but rather it is ongoing for you at all times for teh 9 month duration of the programme. 

It is a field you can draw from. 
It is also a community of deep brother/sister-hood with people who are on a similar journey. 
For better or worse. 🙂

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