1 on 1 sessions create a sacred and intimate space that can support a person’s process of transformation or personal growth.
We begin with a sharing space, in which a current context, situation, or challenge is expressed.
As we connect into a space of deep intelligence, a shift begins to happen simply through conversation.
I then demonstrate a practice of sounds, breath, movement of touch, which are created specifically to respond to the needs which have been expressed.
We will then spend the remainder of the session sharing the practice of sound, movement, and touch and creating a powerful container for growth and transformation.


After completing your purchase, you will be contacted within 24 hours to book a session time,
Once a session time is confirmed, it can be changed up to 24 hours before the session. If it is changed less than 24 hours before the confirmed session time, a new session will need to be booked and paid.
If you would like additional information about sessions, you can contact marc@marcperidis.com




Marc is a shaman based in both London and Barcelona who first began his explorations with tantra and somatic movement in 2012. Since being initiated as a shaman in 2014, he has facilitated ceremonies at sacred sites around the world.
He teaches the practice of orgasmic shamanism, which uses energy transmission and spontaneous movement to harness the orgasm’s energy for personal transformation and growth.