90-Minute Mentoring Session

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An individual session can serve various purposes such as:

  • support a transformation process,
  • enable an energetic or emotional rebalancing,
  • physiological healing, find clarity on a money issue
  • kick off the journey to uncovering our essence / higher purposeSessions styles will vary depending on requests but they will generally be composed of the following elements:An arrival space in which we connect together and intend to be one energetically. The shamanic transmission begins and we create an access to frequencies of higher potency for the rest of the session. 

A sharing space in which the client can share a situation or challenge which is currently relevant. As we tune into a deeper intelligence, we will often begin to process it through conversation. The real impact, however, happens at a level of knowingness that can be reached as through the dive practice and the power of the energetic transmission.

The dive practice
A guided exploration practice in which we use energetic transmission, breath, sound and movement to increase the system’s receptivity and broaden our scope of capabilities. As the process unravels we get closer to our connection to the orgasm field, to living from our truest essence. 


I am currently offering reduced rates to people who have experienced a severe decline in income due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please get in touch and we can discuss options.