Discover and awaken your essential erotic nature.
Invoke your higher purpose by harnessing Eros and the Orgasm. Specific session focus: INCREASING INTUITION AND PERCEPTION

This workshop recording is part of the 16-part masterclass series Your Erotic Essence: an intensive and transformative journey towards achieving our higher purpose through Eros. View series details here.



Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
This workshop includes: 
– a lecture 
– a practical demonstration
– a guided practice
– a Q&A sharing space


As well as being super-pleasurable, the orgasm also connects us to the highest energetic frequencies available to us and to the field of Oneness. The more time we spend connecting in this way, the more we awaken to our limitless potential. 

This intense workshop dives right into an erotic group practice of energetic transmission, (including breath, sound, movement, and touch) which harnesses this energy.

As the practice unfolds, spontaneous movement emerges, awakening our link to Eros and our highest essence. Not to mention lots of high octane pleasure! 🙂


  • No previous experience of tantra or the big draw is necessary.
  • If you have time, I recommend completing an Orgasmic Shamanism introduction workshop as well as this one, simply to get a better grasp of the theory behind the practice. You can watch the recording here: www.orgasmicshaman.com/freevideoswatch



  • By signing up to this workshop you will receive unlimited lifetime access to the workshop file.
  • This workshop is taught naked and includes self-pleasuring.
  • This workshop was recorded live with a group of men on Zoom but features only the facilitator
  • This practice is best done lying down on the floor with a mat, otherwise a bed with a hard mattress can work as a second option.