Ongoing Mentoring Sessions (6 hours)

£ 720.00

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Ongoing mentoring clients are supported by a bespoke course of sessions, created to support and enable their transformative process, or their long term objectives.
It will often support a massive shift towards unlocking a higher purpose, a new life direction or awakening authentic abundance.
Our highest essence, when unlocked, becomes a potent healing force for other areas of our lives.

Sessions styles will vary on request but will often involve personal processing as well as the acquisition of new knowledge, theoretical conceptualisations and skills.

Format will often include the following elements:
1- An arrival time in which we connect together and intend to be one energetically. The shamanic transmission begins and we create an access to frequencies of higher potency for the rest of the session.
2- A sharing space the client can share a situation or challenge which is currently relevant. We will often begin to process it through words but the real impact happens through the dive practice.
3- A sharing of knowledge
or instruction of specific skills such as breath work, dowsing energy work, etc.

3- The dive  is a guided self-enquiry practice in which we use energetic transmission, breath, sound and movement to increase the system’s receptivity and broaden our scope of capabilities. As the process unravels we get closer to our connection to the orgasm field, to living from our truest essence. 

The hourly rate for ongoing work is reduced to £120 which applies to a minimum of 6 hours

booked in advance.

Upon booking, I recommend we have a quick 20 min chat on the phone or Skype (free) to talk about intentions formats and skills which we would like to involve.
I am also happy to have a chat before booking if you feel you would like some clarity on format and objectives before getting started.


I am currently offering reduced rates to people who have experienced a severe decline in income due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please get in touch and we can discuss options.