Sacred Orgies and the Orgasm field – Movie


A 12-minute erotic, artistic and biographical movie about the orgasmic potential of us human beings.
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Sacred orgies and the orgasm field is a short, erotic, artistic and biographical movie about our orgasmic potential as humans. I was inspired to create this movie to use movement, sound and imagery to share experiences which have paved the way for my explorations in orgasmic shamanism.
The journey begins with me entering into a meditative process in the darkness, carrying £350,000 (500,000$) debt.
It continues as I underwent a process which allowed me to understand how one can rebirth without physically dying, a process which happened often in the mystery schools of ancient civilisations.
It continues with an experience in a temple in Thailand where I began to channel sound and movement I could not control, which led to my initiation as a shaman and a mystery school guide.
These events led me to new understandings about the orgasm, the orgy, and the potential of our sexual power.

It became clear to me that we can not talk about human evolution without talking about sex, eros and the orgasms.
In these times in which the world needs it the most, it is time for the new sexual revolution.
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The film release is set for 28 November 2020.
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