The Eternal Orgasm – 5-PART SERIES


A 5-session tantric and erotic process.
Learn to awaken your highest orgasmic potential. 




A 5-Part series 
Each session includes: 
– a lecture 
– a practical demonstration
– a guided practice
– a Q&A sharing space 

Please note: This video includes male nudity and self-pleasuring.


  • No previous experience of tantra or the big draw is necessary.
  • If you have time, I recommend completing an Orgasmic Shamanism introduction workshop as well as this one, simply to get a better grasp of the theory behind the practice. You can watch the recording here:


  • By signing up to this workshop you will receive unlimited lifetime access to the workshop file.
  • This workshop is taught naked and includes self-pleasuring.
  • This workshop was recorded live with a group of men on Zoom but features only the facilitator
  • This practice is best done lying down on the floor with a mat, otherwise a bed with a hard mattress can work as a second option.