Sexual Awakening For Men
Costa Dorada, SPAIN
A 7-day retreat.
A deep process of self-discovery exploring various aspects of our sexuality.
28 August to 3 September 2022
Together we will...
We will gather as sacred brothers and lovers, sharing deep erotic connection.
We will find a sacred space of deep communion with each other, ourselves and the greater field. 
Surrounded by these inspiring surroundings, we will reconnect to the power of sacred sexuality through self-pleasuring, partner work and group practice. 
We will gain knowledge of erotic, shamanic and somatic healing techniques that can unlock deep realms of transformation. 
We will share openly in a non-judgemental and compassionate space. 
We will laugh, and perhaps even cry, as the shadows of the past find a potent space to be processed and released. 
We will move, dance and play, clothed or naked, as we please.
We will experience the power of our deepest pleasure and own the true power of our sexuality within the boundaries of a safe container. 


A deep dive into the transformative power of our sexuality
This 7-day retreat will be a transformative deep dive into the various aspects of our erotic landscape including:
Shame and shadows
Desires and Fantasies
Cosmic sex and Sex Magic

In our sacred Sex temple, we will gather as brothers, lovers, and partners , on a deep journey of self-discovery and self-inquiry.
At the core of our journey will be Orgasmic shamanism, an erotic practice of energy work and spontaneous movement.

Our journey together will be composed of a variety of activities:
- compassionate sharing spaces,
- emotional processing
- shadow work
- exploration of desires, boundaries, and fantasies
- individual somatic practices,
- partner practices,
- group practices
- a non-verbal deep-dive experience
Over 7 days we will explore 3 main aspects of our sexuality
1- Unconscious sexuality

Is lead by our patterns, stories, narratives and limiting beliefs. It is impacted by shame, trauma, compulsion, fears, and taboos. In this realm, many of our desires are actually illusions constructed by our unconscious and shadow self. 

We explore our unconscious sexuality by getting intimate with those patterns, fantasies, etc, giving them space to be seen and heard.
How are we nourishing from them? What are we really seeking?
What happens when we slow down, pause and become one with them? 

We do this through emotional processing, somatic practice, tantra and intimacy practices, individually and in pairs.
2- Conscious sexuality

Relates to the realm of our sexuality we discover when we step out of our patterns, question our beliefs and awaken more of our truth. In acts of conscious sexuality we are more embodied, fluid, truthful; we are more present to ourselves and to others.

We explore conscious sexuality by slowing down, moving beyond the mind and the emotional body and developing the awareness of our sensations. We use somatic and tantric practices, alone or with partners, that allow us to expand beyond our limiting patterns, narratives and stories. We begin to find wholeness and oneness... 

We do this through cognitive explorations, exploring our essences through deep somatic practices that allow the awakening of our truth and our essence. Beings begin to merge as one…
3- Cosmic sexuality

Cosmic sexuality is an act of connecting to the greater power of the universe through sex.
It is completely spontaneous and can not be forced. 
It happens naturally as a result of being in the realm of conscious sexuality for extended periods of time.
We achieve a space of pure presence in which we are at one with ourselves, with our partner and with everything in existence. It involves the energetic merging of our beings and souls. Our essences awaken and dance together. 

We can achieve it by continuously moving beyond patterned behaviours and sustaining presence for extended periods of time. It involves entering deep and long meditative states and engaging with partners while in these deep states. We will also explore it through the act of the sacred orgy where all bodies are invites to gather for a deep ritual of oneness.
Each day will feature three workshops, each including a guided practice, a sharing space and/or a lecture.


- Morning spontaneous movement practice by the pool, with an optional skinny-dip
- Breakfast
- Morning check-in and sharing space
- Guided erotic and/or somatic practice

- Lunch
- Free time (optional open play-space in the afternoon)

- Afternoon chat or lecture
- Guided sunset practice
- Dinner
- Heart circle
- Night-time guided practice

The schedule is flexible, and will be tailored to the group’s wishes and desires.
The retreat will host a medium sized group of 12-15 men, allowing us to make meaningful connections while still being able to go deep in individual process and experiencing intimacy.
All levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and no previous experience is necessary.
Our magical setting will be a gorgeous, luxury tantra retreat house, 5 minutes from the beach on Spain's Costa Dorada.
Just a 45-minute drive south of Barcelona Airport, the house is the perfect cocoon to hold space for erotic and shamanic transformation.
A spacious temple space, an intimate massage room, a sauna, a private outdoor pool and well-manicured tropical gardens, turn this space into our ideal garden of Eden.

Participants can choose between sharing room with 1 or 2 other participants.
There is also the option of a single or double bed.
Our in-house kitchen team will prepare specially-catered vegetarian meals, made from locally sourced ingredients.
There will be no alcohol on site.
Please advise us in advance of any dietary requirements or allergies.

About your facilitator

Marc is a somatic therapist and shamanic practitioner specialised in the Medicine of eros, healing practices related to eros and sexuality. 

His work has two main focuses:
1- Supporting the transmutation of shame, trauma and shadow to power, purpose and mastery.
2- As a teacher's teacher, he trains facilitators, therapists and teachers by supporting their development of new abilities. 

His practices, which are often considered radical, combine talk therapy, with experiential processes involving the soma (the body), energy transmission and sexual explorations.

Interactions can range from gentler ones including soft touch, cuddling and conscious stillness to more radical ones such as dark-room therapy, and re-enacting kinky, taboo and shameful sexual scenarios in healing and conscious ways.

Today, he shares his work through 1-1 sessions, online and in-person, residential and non-residential courses and workshops, and online live and pre-recorded courses. 

After spending over a decade training in somatic movement therapy, energy work and sacred sexuality, his own practice emerged as a result of his years spent observing behavioural responses in 1-1 and group therapy sessions worldwide.

As well as being a trained somatic movement therapist, he has also been initiated into shamanism in 2015 and in the Mystery School as a student in 2013 and a guide in 2018.
He is also senior faculty at the Shakti Shiva Academy since 2021. 

While his process and practice are open to people of all levels of experience, he tends to work mostly with advanced practitioners, people who are keen to become facilitators, and facilitators wishing to develop new skills.