Continuing the unraveling of patterns in the body*

*This practice is a tribute to the continuum movement practice and its creator Emilie Conrad

1 video (20 min) includes
1- An intro
2- A guided practice


This practice is a continuation of the practices we saw in the previous class Unravelling of patterns in the body.

What limits us?
What limits our creativity and our ability to be in our truth?
We often find ourselves limited by patterns, beliefs, narratives and stories that relate to events of the past which create expectations of the future.
These limitations, like everything else, exist within the body. They live in our density, and also in the limitations of our movements.
The world of somatic therapy has shown us that the way we move is directly related to our consciousness.
Limited patterns of movements perpetuate a limited consciousness.
this class will teach us how to unravel the limiting patterns that exist in the body as a way of expanding beyond the limited self.


The practice continues on from the previous class "Unravelling the patterns in the body" which explored ways of awakening spontaneous movements and sensations in the body that shift us from our habitual patterns.

The Peace Prayer is a practice that was developed by the creator of Continuum Movement, Emilie Conrad.
It uses certain movements and sounds to allow un unravelling to take place.
When we pause, there is space for new expressions to arise in the body.
In these sensations, small movements or sounds, eros exists.

Life is created within us.

Full video (20 min)