An erotic and body-based practice
Expanding beyond limitations in the body

A 2-part tutorial:
1- A lecture / demonstration (13 min)
2- A guided practice (37 min)


What limits us?
What limits our creativity and our ability to be in our truth?
We often find ourselves limited by patterns, beliefs, narratives and stories that relate to events of the past which create expectations of the future.
These limitations, like everything else, exist within the body. They live in our density, and also in the limitations of our movements.
The world of somatic therapy has shown us that the way we move is directly related to our consciousness.
Limited patterns of movements perpetuate a limited consciousness.
this class will teach us how to unravel the limiting patterns that exist in the body as a way of expanding beyond the limited self.


Our movements tend to be controlled and linear, which leads to controlled and limited ways of expressing ourselves and of perceiving life.
This class will teach you ways of awakening an unraveling of movement patterns in the body by using sounds, as well as a creative play with spiral movements.
We will also be integrating erotic play and self-pleasuring, allowing us to feel the sexual energy moving through our body in a different way.
In this process, our body becomes more integrated, more whole, and the power of our sexual energy can be better harnessed.

1- Lecture and demonstration (13 min) 

2- Guided practice (37 min)