Sex Shaman, Sacred prostitute
Sex Shaman, Sacred Prostitute. What do they have in common? When I first was told I was a shaman, years ago, I was confused.  I had always imagined a shaman as an old man, with a long white beard and intricate costumes and accessories who had been born and raised by a tribe in the forest or jungle. I had also imagined they had spent decades being groomed to conduct ceremonies that included animal sacrifices and calling in the four directions. Then on my first mission in Brazil in 2015, I ...
The Erotic Son - Exploring the daddy fantasy with Will Tantra
Our fantasies are not what we think... What gets us hard and wet, can show us our greatest creativity, and also be a tool to  help us heal and become more whole. Over the years I have seen fantasy-work be eye-opening, showing us new parts of ourselves and even healing shame and trauma patterns that are decades old. Undoubtedly, the most popular fantasy I have worked with is the Daddy Fantasy. The magic happens as we find out What are we seeking from in this fantasy? What are we nourishing ...
Ecstasy and agony. What is Tantra?
Ecstasy & Agony. What is Tantra?  Kenneth Ray Stubbs and Marc Peridis speak.  Tantra is a loaded word I have definitely had a love-hate relationship with… mainly because of all the misconceptions that limit its potential. So when legendary author and teacher Kenneth Ray Stubbs, who has been involved in tantra for almost 50 years, asked me to sit down and chat for a podcast episode titled "What is tantra?" I couldn't say no.  The gist it?  Tantra is not just a practice of conscious sex, ...
How many times have you died?
How many times have you died? This may sound like a strange question, so let me elaborate:   I am not talking about a physical death, but rather a conceptual one. It’s a death of the “self”, mainly the system of ideas, beliefs and narratives that we allow to define and limit us. As a result, we heal, we grow and can be more connected to truth.  As this death takes place we a rebirth then happens, and we are more connected to our truth. So how how exactly do we die? If you have been watching ...
The medicine of Eros
THE MEDICINE OF EROS  Eros is the process that creates all life. that brings the formless to form It is also a process of death that brings form to formless. The orgasm is an occurrence of Eros that reconnects us to it. This is why for hundreds of years we have referred to the orgasm as petite mort, little death. It is a death of the self, allowing us to expand beyond the limited ideas of who we think we are. We awaken the medicine of eros.  We heal  We grow. We become free We create life.  ...
The Medicine of Eros
“Great spiritual teachers throughout the ages have stated that orgasm is the closest some people come to a spiritual experience because of the momentary loss of self. Why is this true? Because with spiritual sex, you move beyond orgasm into a connection with yourself, your partner, and the divine — recognizing them all as one.”  ― Alexandra Katehakis THE MEDICINE OF EROS For that one short moment of orgasm, usually lasting 10-20 seconds, we no longer identify with our stories, our patterns ...
The Medicine of Shamanism
The Medicine of Shamanism The word Shaman comes from the Tungusic word šamán, possibly from Eastern Siberia, which means “the one who knows.” The knowingness we refer to here is not one of traditional knowledge, information or wisdom, but rather a knowing of oneness and the non-local. The non-local is defined by quantum physics as the part of our universe which can’t be touched, measured, understood. It holds the force behind the creation of the of all of existence as well as the blueprint ...
Somatic Movement Therapy
SOMATIC MOVEMENT THERAPY  For me, Somatic movement therapy is a healing method that allows us to find wholeness in the body. We know that everything that exists in our body exists in our consciousness as well, and vice versa. A whole body therefore supports a consciousness in which I am at one with myself, with others around me and with all of existence. I found that the journey to find wholeness often begins by looking at the parts of ourself that are divided and unintegrated. Trauma, ...
Hanging out in the field (Part 2/3)
Hanging out in "The Field"  I often talk about diving into “a space deep below”. …Below the over-active mind, …Beneath our stories, narratives, cultural conditioning,  …Beyond our illusions and limited ideas of who we are.   Science (via quantum physics) refers to this space as the “non-local”. I call it “the field”. It is a potent void where everything ends and everything begins.  It is the land of total absence, beyond any ideas of time, space, good or bad. Last week I wrote about this ...
Exploring the void - Part 1/2
EXPLORING THE VOID Part 1/2 There’s a universe called Absence. Its waves break on the shore of existence. Jump right into that wave. You’ll see your candle light up all the other candles and its light will mix with the light of all the great luminaries The wave of the sea carries you to just such a place in the land of Absence, Where it breaks the ties of your soul, from everything you’re attached to. Only in the land of absence, can you discover your absolute being. You’ll become the king ...
The land whispered - Mahalo
The land whispered. Mahalo. Aloha from California as I land from a magical trip to Hawaii. I wanted to share a moment that occurred as I walked randomly by a local beach in the town of Kapaa. I felt called to sit on a narrow stretch of sand by the ocean, to connect to it and listen to its whispers. It reminded me of one of the origins of Orgasmic shamanism which is the connection to land. Orgasmic shamanism is a practice of energetic transmission which is informed by concepts of somatic ...
The teachings come
The Teachings Come No one can teach us sensuality.  It is innate within each of us and is unveiled as we get intimate with ourselves.  No one can teach us the wisdom we will share with others. It is unique to each of us and it will find us when it’s time.  No one can teach us abundance.  We will learn it by experiencing deep loss.  No one can teach you how to love and be loved. Because intrinsically we are love.  For years, I had amazing teachers in various modalities but the real teachings ...
When our shadows sing
When our shadows sing Exploring the gifts of our sexual shame.  Our wounds, shadows and demons are not simply here to make our lives hell. They will often, almost always, come bearing gifts.  They will  behave like arrows pointing towards the places where love is needed within us. They are not just meant to be healed and tolerated. They will show us what is needed by us to awaken more wholeness and truth.  The process will have a ripple effect that can impact various areas of our lives.  ...
The radical act of taking space
The radical act of taking space. Here is a second video excerpt from my recent conversation with the amazing Kaelan Strouse. In this video, I talk about the importance of turning inwards, a radical act in a world that functions on us relying on what surrounds us. Our world is craving innovation. All of us can be innovators when we take the time to turn inwards, dive deep, and listen to the great wisdom that arises. See this 8-min video to find out more. You can also see the full video here: ...
The radical edge of tantra
The radical edge of tantra This video is an excerpt from a conversation with the amazing Kaelan Strouse. What I call the radical edge of tantra is the places where we go deep, to the parts of ourselves that scare us, where we meet our dark edges. See this 8-min video to find out more. You can also see the full video here: Also, check out my upcoming events below. 🙂  [smartslider3 slider="1098"]
Your Erotic Abundance
The work of exploring our sexuality can be highly pleasurable. We can speak about our desires, our fantasies and find new ways of reaching ecstasy and bliss. It can also be gruelling, uncomfortable and deeply challenging. In fact, that is usually when it is the most impactful... 
Reclaiming Power
RECLAIMING POWER Power is a big topic.  Especially when working with sexuality, even more, when working with facilitators, many of whom are working with sexuality. For me, the theme of owning my power has been one I have struggled with for a long time. In my business, I often feared being too much of a "boss" for fear of being a tyrant. As a result, I was continuously compromising and holding back, which made me feel victimised. My inner tyrant would then emerge erratically and ...
2- The power of sexuality
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Awakening grounding and sensations
  Awakening grounding and sensations A somatic practice  In this short video, I share some somatic therapy practice elements that are the most foundational to the work I do.  They relate to grounding and increasing our awareness of sensations: two of the most important starting points for a healing journey. 1- Feeling sensations more deeply.  As I feel my body's sensations more fully, I get a stronger sense of who I truly am, of my truth. This allows me to gain an awareness of my ...
The medicine of Eros - Part 2 - Transformation with Eros
This is part 2 of the 3-part Medicine of Eros video series.  In video 1, we reclaimed Eros, exploring it as a transformative process that takes me back to the oneness I am. In this video, part 2, we start to look at how we can apply these concepts to begin the process of achieving transformation with Eros. 
The medicine of Eros - Part 1 - Reclaiming Eros
What is Eros?  Generally, we have learned to relate Eros to sex and love, it is from which the Erotic arises, Eros is mainly recognised the Greek God of  love, sensuality, passion, sex.  In earlier greek mythology, however Eros was known as one of the primordial Gods. The primordial Gods, are the ones who related to the coming into form of the formless, the creation of all life. An easy way to grasp this concept is by visualising our universe in two parts, the local and the non-local. ...
1- How I started on this journey
My journey started on a greek island
Exploring our most shameful sexual fantasies
A 12-minute video lecture on unleashing the power of our most shameful sexual fantasies.
A play with oneness
A vlog entry on understanding the power of oneness and how it is expressed in the body.
7-min tutorial - Awaken spontaneous movement
In this 7-min video, you will learn techniques of breath, sound and eros that will support you in awakening spontaneous movement in the body.
Your Erotic Shadow - Lecture 1 - First 10 minutes
  Your erotic Shadow - Lecture 1 - First 10 minutes OVERVIEW What is shadow work? How do we process it? How does it relate to Eros, sexuality, energy work and shamanism? This video shares the first 10 minutes of the Erotic Shadow online course and series. You will get a brief introduction on what is the shadow, what is the benefit of overcoming it, how it relates to energy work, shamanism and how it relates to Eros. I hope you enjoy it and it resonates. If you would like to go further ...
5 ways to better use porn
5 ways to better use porn In this 20-minute video, I share 5 ways that we can turn our porn use into a healthier and more transformative experience. To access the video Masturbating with Leo Grin which I mention in this talk, click here: [smartslider3 slider="1098"]
How to engage with our shadow - (15 min)
How to engage with our shadow - (15 min) This 15-minute video is a short intensive class in engaging with our shadow. [smartslider3 slider="1098"]
Practicing the hu breath
Practicing the hu breath In this short video, I demonstrate the Hu breath by continuum movement. This breath is great for activating sexual energy while pleasuring and allowing that energy to move up and down our midline, and core energy channel.  NSFW [smartslider3 slider="1098"]
Orgasmic shamanism - an introduction (6 min)
Orgasmic shamanism - an introduction (6 min) This 6-min clip offers a brief introduction on the theory behind the practice of orgasmic shamanism. It was recorded during an online workshop in April 2020. To view the full workshop, view the free videos here.