Tantric Mysteries –
A week-end immersion (OAKLAND)
Thanks you for booking your space.
Please find below the details of this workshop.


I am excited you have booked your space for the Tantric Mysteries, A week-end immersion  workshop in OAKLAND on Saturday - Sunday 12-13 November 2022. 

This page contains all the information needed for the workshop. 

1-General information: 
This workshop will begin at 10 am on Saturday 12 November 2022 and end on Sunday 13 November at 7:00 pm. 

The workshop will take place in Oakland at the following address:

4920 Telegraph Ave,
Oakland, CA

You can message me on the following number if you have any trouble finding it:
+ 34625207980

You can also call Claire Rumore on the following number if that is easier:
(415) 690-9167

3- Arrivals:  
Arrivals begin at 9:50 am. If you have a delay or an emergency, please contact me on +34625207980 

4- Accommodations:  
This workshop is non-residential which means all participants will need to arrange their own accommodations. It is highly recommended to limit interactions with people outside the workshop space.

5-What to bring
There will be cushions, backrests and we will practice on a thick carpet.
For extra comfort I recommend you bring the following:
* A blanket
* A yoga mat
* A bottle of drinking water 
* Lunch - cold lunches that are not heated like a salad or a cold sandwich can be eaten on the premises. It will also be possible to step out for lunch if you prefer something warm or to not bring your lunch. There is a WholeFoods nearby.

No previous experience is necessary for this class. 
Videos can be found on my Vlog for those who want some additional preparation. 
vlog: https://orgasmicshaman.com/vlog/

7-Covid protocol.
• If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, please do not attend.
• If you've been in recent contact with someone who has tested positive, please take a home test 24 hours before the event.
• Masks optional but welcome.
• Vaccination proof WILL NOT be required.
• Risk is inherent at any in-person gathering so determine your risk tolerance and the safety protocols you want to utilize for your personal enjoyment!

If you find yourself unable to attend the workshop because of displaying symptoms of covid or monkeypox, please note that your ticket can be transferred to a future event.

8-Consent and boundaries

While we are dealing with the power of Eros, the entire workshop is clothed, meaning participants must at least wear underwear or shorts. Topless/shirtless for all bodies/genders is fine.

The workshop will guide participants on an individual process and journey.

This process will will also include optional interaction in pairs and groups. 

Participants are free to choose to practice only on their own and not engage in partner work if they wish.
At the beginning of the session, we will practice some simple and clear ways of voicing boundaries. 

It is important to remember that self-care and respect of others, are the top priority.

You will never be obliged to do anything you don't want to do.
And it is important to note that those who choose to work in pairs and groups may be paired un randomly. Participants are therefore asked to be open to interacting with anyone in the group, within the specific boundaries each will be comfortable with.
ie: whether its simply holding hands, or sitting in stillness together.

9- Waiver for workshop facilities
Temple Dara, our host venue, requires all participants to fill out a waiver form prior to the event.
Please use the button below to fill out the form.
IMPORTANT: Participants who have not filled out the form may be denied access to the workshop.

I am really looking forward to sharing this space with all of you. 
In the mean time, if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Lots of love and warm erotic hugs to all of you! 

Marc x