If you would like to witness some massage techniques that can bring about some high intensity pleasure, you’re probably going to want to check out this video of our instructor, Artie, using a Swedish technique to take Griffin Barrows right to the edge and then all the way past it.

Artie is the Taoist Masseur. With over 12 years of experience, and having trained in Brazil, the Netherlands, and the UK, Artie’s massage sessions draw on a combination of massage styles to deliver a full-body experience that is pretty much next-level.

Drawing on the disciplines of massage styles that include Holistic, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Indian Head Massage, and Reflexology, you’ll see from Artie’s videos that he’s particularly accomplished in Lingam Massage – that’s the type of massage that really focuses on your cock.

The full video is 22 minutes. In this clip, we pick up the action after Artie has already worked extensively on Griffin’s anus and ass muscles, and has now flipped him over to work on his nipples and his lingam – his cock.

If you’re familiar with Griffin Barrow’s work in the world of adult entertainment, you’ll know that he enjoys what he does. But in this massage session with Artie, Griffin gets really vocal – letting us all know exactly how good the Swedish technique is making him feel.

“Everyone is different…” explains Artie. “Sometimes, even with the same person, one day something works and then the next day it doesn’t. It’s important to be attentive to the way the body responds to the touch – the body will tell you the best way to achieve the goal. Although I have standard strokes, I also have to be creative and go with the flow. The routine is a nice way to start, but you have to be able to freestyle.”

“It’s important that the guy receiving the Taoist Massage doesn’t have any specific expectation, otherwise you miss the whole experience waiting to achieve that…” adds Artie. “But the ‘no expectations’ also applies to the person giving the massage – you have to be able to adapt on the spot.”

If you’d like to see more of Artie’s work in action, he has 15 full-length videos included in the current library of videos available through your Orgasmic Men subscription.

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