Multiple orgasms and personal power



A 90-minute intensive tantric and erotic workshop.
Learn to achieve longer and more powerful orgasms, and harness their power for personal transformation

How can we achieve our highest orgasmic potential?
How do we harness the power of our orgasms to grow and transform?

On one hand, the orgasm is a physiological occurrence, characterised by ejaculation, pelvic floor contractions, heart palpitations etc.
It is also, more significantly, an energetic occurrence.
The energy of the orgasm is the strongest we have access to as humans. Yet the average male spends 10 seconds with the orgasm energy.Read Less

For centuries, various traditions have taught practices, such as the “big draw” which teach us how to achieve longer, multiple orgasms so we can engage more fully with this energy.
In this explosive 90-minute workshop, Orgasmic shaman Marc Peridis shares his own take on this practice, which engages unique sequences of breath, sound, energetic transmission to turn up the volume on our orgasms.

This intense workshop offers us a set of tools and techniques to not only increase the pleasure of our orgasms,but also harness their power for our personal transformation and spiritual growth.


The 90-min recording begins with a short energetic process to acknowledge the potent energy of our shared space. We follow with some brief teachings and a Q&A sharing space.
At the heart of it is a guided meditative self-pleasuring practice of sound, breath, movement, to help you dive inwards and harness the transformative power of authentic nature.
As the practice unfolds, spontaneous movement emerges, awakening our link to Eros and our highest essence. Not to mention lots of high octane pleasure!



90 min

Personal growth, Self-pleasuring

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