Deepening our connection to the self with the breath - Part 2

2 videos
1- An intro (30 min)
2- A guided practice (20 min)


Our breath is an important marker of how we are doing.
A short, compressed breath will often signal that we might be stressed, or that our system is activated or unsettled.
A longer and deeper breath will show us our body is in a more relaxed state.
This class teaches you a way to breathe from a deeper place, the anus, allowing a shift tooccur u=in our breathing patterns and also in our midline.


This class continues on from the previous one, Anal Breathing 1, and offers a new position and relationship with gravity to work with.
This will allow you to deepen your practice and take it further.

1- Lecture (30 min) 

2- Guided practice (20 min)