Deepening our connection to the self with the breath

2 videos
1- An intro (11 min)
2- A guided practice (26 min)


Our breath is an important marker of how we are doing.
A short, compressed breath will often signal that we might be stressed, or that our system is activated or unsettled.
A longer and deeper breath will show us our body is in a more relaxed state.
This class teaches you a way to breathe from a deeper place, the anus, allowing a shift tooccur u=in our breathing patterns and also in our midline.


This practice offers elements of awareness and touch and connection to the earth as well as the added element of breathing through the anus.
This offers us a few benefits:
- a shift in perspective, from the breath being located in the nostrils and mouth to a much deeper place
- a deeper connection to our centre
- an awakening of erotic energy, from a deeper place
- a more expanded and primordial way of breathing.
- new spontaneous sensations and movements can emerge as a result of new pathways being created.

And its fun! 😉

1- Lecture (11 min) 

2- Guided practice (24 min)