Connecting to our primordial nature

2 videos
1- An intro (13 min)
2- A guided practice (35 min)


The torus shape is intrinsic to everything that exists in nature.
If you see the image above, you will see that it looks like an apple with no stem, a spherical shape with a dent at the bottom and a dent at the top.
The dent at the top represents the contractions, ie the deaths, and the dent at the bottom represents the expansions, ie: the births.
The fact that this shape is part of everything in nature shows us that contractions and expansions are both needed for our ecosystem to thrive.
This shape exists in everything, it exists in each of our beings as well.
It is the shape that our embryo takes at the early stages of our development, it is also present in our cells and is the shape of our magnetic energy field.
Connecting to this shape allows us to connect to our most primordial nature.


In the human embryo, when this shape is present, the top dent represents the opening of the mouth and the bottom shape represents the anus.
This class teaches us to reconnect to this shape within us, allowing us to reconnect to a more primordial part of our being.
Primordial = the parts that existed pre-trauma, pre-thought, pre-time.
As usual, there is an invitation to bring in sexual energy to supercharge the practice and to harness this energy in a way that it can create a loop of nourishment for our being.
You will be guided through a practice of breath, sound, awareness and touch that aim to connect us to this shape.

1- Lecture (13 min) 

2- Guided practice (35 min)