Connecting more deeply to our fluid being

3 videos
1- An intro - on mat (13 min)
2- An intro - in water (3 min)
3- A guided practice in water (10 min)


In previous classes we have seen that connecting to our fluid system, and our fluid self, allows us to connect to a more primordial part of the self.
Before beings solid, the earth was a ball of water.
Before there was enough oxygen in the air, all life existed in water.
As an embryo, in the earliest stage of our development as humans, we were a ball of water floating in water.
Beyond the density in our body is a fluid system which is similar to the hydrosphere of the earth.
Connecting to it allows us to connect to the part of our being which is beyond trauma, story, patterns and other limitations.


In this class, we take the exploration of the fluid part of our being even further by practicing in a body of water, a pool, the sea, the ocean or a lake.
The practice invites us to unlock movement in the spine, allowing it to move in a wave-like way and to undulate.
This opens our limbs to float and also writhe like the tentacles of an octopus.
We become once again a fluid being floating in a body of liquid, we re-awaken our embryonic intelligence.

1- Intro (13 min) 

2- Intro 2 – in the pool (3 min) 
3- Guided practice (10 min)