A 3-part video series
An erotic and somatic dive practice connecting you to the energy of one of the world's most sacred sites.

Videos: 3
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Explicitness level: 2/3
This video series includes nudity and self-pleasuring.



Connect the power of Eros, and sexuality with the potency of one of the world's most sacred sites.

In this 3-part video series, you will take a deep, erotic and meditative journey to the sacred temple site of Delos, in Greece. This little-known Island is widely recognised as one of the most powerful sacred sites on Earth.
Ancient Greeks recognised it as the birthplace of the God Apollo, as well as an important Mystery School site.
Mystery schools were gatherings where shamans, teachers and initiates exchanged information about how they could live richer, more purposeful and deeply connected lives, embodying their highest power.
Their practices were very often known to include sexuality and the orgasm.

These 3 videos were recorded on different visits.

- VIDEO 1: (15 minutes) An intro to Delos
Find out about the rich history of Delos, what makes it so powerful and why we would benefit from engaging with it.

- VIDEO 2: (10 minutes) Somatic practice
Recorded right in front of the temple Of Isis, this video will help you begin your deep dive by using elements of breath, sound, movement and touch, enabling an awakening of more primary energy frequencies.

- VIDEO 3: (32 minutes) Self-pleasuring practice.
Recorded in a more hidden space behind the Temple of ISIS, this video guides us to merge erotically and energetically, making love with the energies of the land, and of the God Appollo.
We will be using various sounds, such as the AH sound, the Tiger sound and the Hu breath from Continuum movement (tutorial included)