Explore a more "full-body" connection with your sexual energy

A 2-part tutorial:
1- An intro (4 min)
2- A guided practice (19 min)


Our sexual energy is the most powerful energy we have access to. the way we have learned about sexuality, however has limited our experience of it.
Most of us have experienced our first orgasms in hiding, needing to hurry, to hide or to be quiet.
This has led to us having very localised sexual experiences. We tend to feel our sexual energy only in the pelvic area.
This short class, including an intro and a guided practice, shows us a practice that can allow our sexual energy, when awakened, to move across the body in a more even and integrated way.


The practice teaches us to use sounds, awareness and breath as a way of creating more wholeness and less division in the body. When our body is more whole and more integrated, sexual energy can circulate more freely across it.
This practice includes self-pleasuring along with the use of sounds, breath, touch and awareness.
It is guided and also self-directed.
It invites you to be intentional and to attempt to bring your awareness, as well as your sexual energy, to fully inhabit every part of your body.

1- Lecture and demonstration (4 min) 

2- Guided practice (19 min)