A 2-part class, sharing theory as well as a meditation on exploring our most shameful sexual fantasies

2 videos
1- A Lecture (13 min)
2- A meditation practice (12 min)


Our sexual fantasies are not what we think.
What gets us hard, wet, what gets us excited is showing us what we resonate with.
This resonance shows us what Carl Jung referred to as the "golden shadow". the qualities we resonate with also show us the qualities of our essence, and our medicine that exist within us.
Also, every act of sexuality is an act of seeking wholeness.
Our fantasies, desires and kinks often are showing us what we are seeking to be more whole.
Our fantasies also show us our creativity, what are we able to let ourselves receive if there are no limits of the material form standing in the way?
If we were not limited by what could be realised?


In this 2-part class, you will learn how to begin to explore your most shameful sexual fantasies in a way that become part of a journey of self-discovery.
We start with a lecture on the theory behind this practice.
Then we continue with a short meditation which guides you to explore your fantasies in this way.
You are free to bring in self-pleasuring if you like.
The only limit is your imagination.

1- Lecture (13 min) 

2- Short meditation (12 min)