A crucial first step to any healing practice.
A lecture and practice for finding safety in the body.

A 3-part tutorial:
1- A lecture / demonstration (28 min)
2- A guided practice (18 min)
3- A closing space (8 min)


When our body feels unsafe, it is in protection mode and will often be rigid and defended. This will lead us to stay in our heads, which is the realm we can make sense of, because we think this is where we will find safety. 
It isn’t. 
Safety is found in the body. 

Finding safety in the body is the most important first step when beginning any healing journey because:

- It allows us to become open,
- To feel and receive ourselves and our power,
- To receive the power and resources that are available around us. 

Working with erotic energy and sexuality relates us to our power and pleasure, but it can also bring up fear, pain and shame. 
It’s therefore important for our bodies to be ready to face this whole spectrum. 

A body that feels safe is resourced and has more capacity to hold every aspect of this spectrum. 


This class will first teach us about the shadow, what it is, how it arises, and how we can resource ourselves to better face it.
It also teaches us the great benefits that can arise when we increase our capacity to be with it.
In the guided practice, you will learn a somatic practice to connect you to more safety in your body, mainly through a deep connection with the earth.
You will also learn a practice of subtle and slow movements that increase our awareness of our connection to inner and outer worlds.
From an inner perspective, we become more aware of our selves, our power and become more resourceful and whole.
From an outer perspective, we become more receptive to the nourishment that is available outside of us and can benefit from it.

1- Lecture and demonstration (28 min) 

2- Guided practice (18 min) 

3- Closing (8 min)