Radical Sexual Empowerment
A 8-day intensive course for men (Costa Rica)
March 14-21 2024
Radical Sexual Empowerment
A 7-day intensive course for men (Costa Rica)
March 14-21 2024

Planning your Arrival
Arrival- March 14 th, 2024
✔ If you are taking the group shuttle (included in the cost of the retreat) : 

You will need to get yourself to San Jose International Airport (SJO) by 11:00AM local time on MARCH 21 ST, 2024, where a shuttle bus will wait for you, to take you to the retreat centre.
We'll send info on how to find the shuttle at the airport out via the whatsapp group closer to the arrival date.
✔ If you are making your own way to the retreat centre:
Please let us know by emailing our guest services at

*All participants must have arrived by 4pm in order to be in time for the opening circle.
If you’re driving the directions to our center can be found here: Getting Here/Directions to the Gayborhood

If you’re requiring a taxi, we recommend a trusted local transport company, led by Peter. Peter offers the most competitive rates for private transfers, so we recommend contacting him directly to arrange your individual transportation. You can Whatsapp Peter for availability, prices and to book your journey:

Taxi Service: +506 6477 5919

The most economical option is a public bus that travels from San Jose city centre to San Isidro de General (also known as Perez Zeledon), the closest city to us, which takes 5-6 hours journey time, and then book a 45 minute taxi ride from San Isidro to the retreat centre.
You can buy your bus ticket online at

Closer to the start date, we will be putting all participants in touch with each other in order to be able to share taxis and car services.

Staying in San Jose or Manuel Antonio
If you’re planning to stay in San Jose or Manuel Antonio on your way to or from your visit with us here are some recommendations: usp=sharing 

Planning your Departure
March 21st, 2024
✔ If you are taking the group shuttle (included in the cost of the retreat) : 

We will also provide a shuttle bus from the retreat centre to San Jose International Airport on the morning of MARCH 21ST, 2024, if you are flying that day please book your flight for departure from 4:00PM.
✔ If you are making your own arrangements:
Please let us know by emailing our guest services at
As the closing circle of the retreat will take place on day 7, participants will be able to leave at any time they wish on day 8.

Arrangements for your departure can be made at the same time as your arrangements for your arrival

What to expect?
✔ A typical day
The week-long retreat will be a healing journey from connecting with our body, engaging with every aspect of ourself, from shadows, pain, to pleasure and power. 
We will then unlock the healing power of our sexuality and continue to explore this power together until it is time to integrate. 
We will explore how to bring this power home into our lives. 

The days will be composed of the following:

1- Theory / lectures
2- Sharing and emotional processing spaces
2- Somatic / erotic practices
3- Energetic development / merging 

While our days will be fluid, they will be based on the following schedule and format: 

Days will begin at 6 am with an optional tea and fruit and will end at 8:30pm with an evening practice. 

06:00 - Tea and fruit (optional) 
07:00 - Movement and breath practice
08:15 - Breakfast
09:30 - Morning workshop
12:00 - Lunch
01:00 - Break and optional practice space
03:00 - Afternoon workshop
06:00 - Dinner
07:00 - evening workshop
08:30 - End of practice / open space

You will be reminded of the schedule daily, so there is no need to remember it.
The deep dive is always the centre piece of the retreat or course. 
What happens before the dive is a preparation for it and what happens after it is a space of integration from it.

The deep dive will be a 24-hour long process in which participants will remain in practices of breath, sound movement and touch for the entire length of time. 

There will be no verbal communication, no use of digital media, no reading of books.

Connection and communication can happen between participants by using sounds, movements, touch, even sexual touch. 

IMPORTANT: We will be agreeing to non-verbal ways of communicating boundaries.

Agreements, consent & boundaries
This is a sex-positive environment, and sexual practices, alone or with partners, will often take place. It will be crucial for us to create a safe space. 

While it is important for us to explore our desires and wishes, it will first and foremost be crucial that boundaries are respected. From the beginning of the retreat, we will set a framework for voicing desires, being clear about our “no’s,” and respecting each other’s boundaries. 


Each participant will be expected to take responsibility for their own body, desires and boundaries and will let others take responsibility for theirs. 


Participants will be required to honour their own yeses and noes as well as honouring the yeses and noes of others. 


Everything that will be spoken in the space will remain confidential and will stay in the space unless permission has been granted for it to be spoken outside of the space. 

Participants will speak from the heart and only speak from their own experience and no one else’s. Participants will be careful not to divulge any information that could identify any other participant without their explicit consent. 

Forgiveness and Masculine compassion

It is expected that we may possibly bump against these rules at some point during the course. Part of this work is the acknowledgement that mistakes can happen and no one is perfect. Participants must however acknowledge that repeated, continuous and/or intentional breaking of the rules can lead to be asked to leave the group.
Digital detox
You will be strongly encouraged to switch off all electronics for the duration of the course in order to connect more deeply to nature and to yourself.

Use of electronics will be strictly limited to the cabins.
Electronics such as phones, iPads or laptops will not be able to be used in any public areas.

Those who wish to dive into this quite deeply will also be able to leave their electronics in a safe on arrival.
-COVID and STI’s
There will be no COVID tests done on arrival
Proof of vaccination status WILL NOT BE REQUIRED 

If you find out you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID prior to coming to the retreat, please make sure to let us know and to take a test at least 5 days after the exposure. 
The test result will need to be negative for you to join the retreat.

If you are exhibiting COVID-like symptoms, you will need to take a COVID test on arrival.

The following measures are recommended but not obliged*: 
- being extra cautious for the 10 days prior to the start of the workshop
- limit contact with others,
- wear mask on transports, 
- take a test prior to departure from your home to reduce the risk of unnecessary complications

There will be no penetration or oral sex in any of the workshops. 
This restriction will of course be limited to the workshop space and participants will be allowed to engage in any practices outside of these times. 

With regards to what happens WITHIN the workshops: 
Within the workshops, the interactions will be limited to external touch and kissing. If a participant is aware of having an STI which can be transmitted through external touch and kissing, please advise the group or refrain from contact. 

With regards to what happens OUTSIDE the workshops: 
Everyone is responsible for themselves: Ie: know the risks you are taking and act accordingly. It is up to each participant to inform others of STI's they need to be aware of depending on the interaction they engage in. 
Substance use / alcohol /recreational drugs
Consuming any alcohol or recreational drugs will not be allowed at any point during the retreat.

What to bring
Most days are quite comfortable between highs around 80 and lows around 70 F’ (around 20’ C - 30’ C)
We are at approximately 1000’ altitude, so the climate tends to be about 5-10 degrees cooler than the coast (rarely mosquitoes) 

Between late December until April it is relatively dry, with light periods of rain towards the beginning and end of this period. 
Rainy season begins in May

Baseline elements to bring for the house / space

Warm weather clothing 
Tank tops, comfortable short-sleeve button down shirts, t-shirts
Several comfortable bathing suits
Warmer layers for the evenings
Headlamp with spare batteries
Hat to protect from the sun
Eyemask (important!) 
Earplugs for light sleepers (you may notice some sounds from other guests as cabins have thin walls)
Natural mosquito repellant (Note: mosquitos are rare at the Gayborhood during dry season, but those sensitive to mosquitos may still want to bring some repellant. Please do not bring harsh chemicals like DEET as this is unnecessary in our region)
Sunscreen (ideally natural to protect our waterways)
Beach towel or wrap (something to sit on at the river)
Tennis shoes you are not afraid to get muddy and/or wet
Tevas or sandals with straps
Flip flops 
Please do not only bring flip flops - they are not ideal when conditions get muddy
Watersocks (optional) Something like this or this

Extra elements for our practice:
A sacred element(s) to contribute to creating a sacred altar.
Personal lubricant if you feel you will need it.
Any elements that relate to sexual fantasies you may have as there might be a space to explore those.

-Preparation materials
In preparation for this time together, you will have received some home study materials. 
While it is highly recommended to watch these videos and experience these practices in order to have a deeper and richer experience, this is optional. 

You can access these videos by clicking below.

Password: Junglegayborhood
-Self-inquiry form
I know you have completed a few forms by now.
But I promise this one is fun!
This form allows to begin the self-inquiry process by contemplating a few questions.
You will also be asked about sexual fantasies to help prepare some of our activities.

The participant form must be completed by 07 March 2024 , one week prior to our start date. 

-Travel form
This form allows us to know how you will be traveling to the gayborhood and whether you need our support or not!
-Complete Liability waiver on arrival
All participants will be asked to complete a liability waiver form on their arrival - this is a condition of staying. You can find the liability waiver document below for your reference. 
We will provide a printed copy on day of arrival for you to sign.
Intro call and chat group
- ZOOM Intro call
In preparation for this time together, we will be hosting a Zoom call for the group, approximately 2 weeks prior to the course start date.

DATE: Thursday 07 March 2024
TIME: 9 am PT / 12 ET / 5pm UK / 6pm CET

-Chat group
Following the call, a WhatsApp chat group will be created for participants to be able to chat and stay connected and ask any remaining questions.
-Emergency Contact
If you need to provide an emergency contact number for your family members, please use My contact below:

Whatsapp Marc Peridis :
+34 625 207 980